Nuke bot nimbuzz

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nuke bot nimbuzz

ONLINE BAN BOTS + HANG BOTS FOR NIMBUZZ CHATROOMS. ONLINE YOU CAN PUT BAN BOT IN YOUR CHATROOM. Its working is same like NUKE. Tag Archives: nuke nimbuzz bot. Nimbuzz Bots · NUKE BAN BOT SERVER V7 · Leave a comment Download Nuke Mobile Server v9. Download Link: NUKE. Admin Assistant Bot V Labels: BAN BOTS, NIMBUZZ BAN BOT NUKE BAN BOT MOBILE SERVER nimbuzz_power1@n.c. Posts about Nuke soft collection written by nms. Nuke Nimbuzz Mobile Server ( quiz+ban bot) v · Aug 3. Posted by nms · Image. I want to ask if you have apli for android tab for nimbuzz as well as flud apli for .. nimbuzzdesktop (1) nuke (2) nuke banbot (2) nuke cracker (1) Nuke cracker v3. Posts about nuke ban bot written by romijnimbuzz. By romijnimbuzz • Posted in Nuke Software Collection • Tagged new nuke mobile server, nuke ban bot.

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Nuke Nimbuzz Mobile Server (quiz+ban bot) v | FREEDOM OF NIMBUZZ

May Posted nuke bot nimbuzz Nadeem NJ. Nuke Mobile server is a Free nimbuzz mobile server software for chat rooms. Now a days every nimbuzz chat room owner need the best ban bot to secure their chat rooms. Most of the people used nuke bot nimbuzz software as a ban bot software because it has option to ban IP. This software also having jokes in it.

Posted in Server Bots. Leave a comment. Nuke Mobile Server v9 Free Download. This is an cobra mobile server for nimbuzz. This is an PC software to add bots to nimbuzz chat rooms easily. Now a days every person needs the bots. But many types of bots are available in nimbuzz. Cobra is one of those bots nuke bot nimbuzz are commonly used for chat room bots and ban bots also.

This software having Arabic and English language. First of all select the language which you want to use then click Done. Now you are ready to nuke bot nimbuzz This software. Cobra Mobile Server v1. This is and badbuzz mobile server v5. You can use this as a server bot. Now a days many people want to get bot in their rooms. People want to control chat rooms by bot commands. This software is used to put bots in the chat rooms. Then the people use this id as a server bot.

And by this bot the peoples used to command to nuke bot nimbuzz bots in the chat rooms. You can also create the child bot by this. Child bot also able to create a bot for your chat room. Many ither features are given. BadbuzZ Mobile Server v5. Enter Your Password. Enter Your Room Name. BanBot Ip Block. You can easily use this tool. Click on Connect button. Now Your Bot Id is online.

You can Change Bot Settings. You can See Commands in Command Box. You can easily change language. You can Block or unblock User List. New Quiz Added. May 8. Nimbuzz Adv3rtiser is a software to advertise. You can advertise About your site, chat roomsproducts and other. Can use multi ids for advertising. Public and private message option included. Having many features. Some of its features are given Below. Nimbuzz Advertiser 4. You can turn on Your Bot. Res is kpv Bot. Now Your Bot is online.

You can save Bot logs. You can easily use. You can nuke bot nimbuzz Quiz. To know All commands in Room send Help1 to Help Kpv Server v May 6. You can add or change Quiz. You can change Auto Reply Messages. You can change Nuke bot nimbuzz Questions And Answers.

Gfg Bot. May 5. You can add your silent bot in Room ids Must Mem. You can Edit Bot Message. You can Edit Bot Message One by one. You Can Set Message Timer. The Time is In Seconds. Set Bot Message. Set Message Time. Bot Silent10 v3. Category Archives: Server Bots. Can save logs. Quiz nuke bot nimbuzz bot included. S2a sender also included. You can add your own auto response messages.

Nuke bot nimbuzz you can add your own jokes for fun. No hang or DC. Secure and virus free. Easy to use. Light weight. Posted in Server Bots Leave a comment Tags: Features of Cobra Mobile Server v 1.

Having Resource like java, android, symbian, desktop, web, iphone, Random. Can also write your own resource. Shows the number of bot used. Show the press start song of add list friends. Easy and simple software. No need to install. Can also increase Max Bot limit. Auto accept friend request. Can save history and logs. Anti Dc software. Can set many automatic status messages.

Can add tyga hotel california songs mp3 ids for control software by commands. Very fast and easy to use. The latest and Final version. Posted in Server Bots Leave a comment. Features of Nimbuzz Advertiser 4.

nuke bot nimbuzz