Socata tb 20 trinidad fsx

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socata tb 20 trinidad fsx

a winner with their TB Tobago And TB Trinidad for FSX/P3D. extensive range of aircraft in the TB series built by DAHER-SOCATA. This file contains the repaint of SOCATA TB 'Trinidad' in the colors of the Repaint for the Trinidad for FSX (freeware-model by Premier Aircraft Design) This . For FSX / FSX SE / Prepar3D, published by Just Flight The SOCATA TB Tobago and TB Trinidad continue this trend and at first glance, they appear to .

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This article describes the author's vpls juniper pdf, sinceof operation of the Socata TB20GT aircraft. It was also written to help answer frequent questions asked by prospective TB20 buyers about type conversion issues, general operation, costs, and things to look out for.

I started PPL training in The objective was to learn to fly so I could travel to far away places around Europe, and to see Europe from the air. The PPL training scene at my local airport was somewhat behind the times The first training plane was forest residues biofuels energy PA38 Tomahawk which is a type most charitably described as an "exciting" plane to fly, but its condition was something else.

The plastic had come off the yoke the control column many years before and one was holding bare metal rusted through years of students' sweat. After a rainy night there would be a puddle of water on the floor and the plane smelt like an old-style public telephone kiosk.

During preflight fuel socata tb 20 trinidad fsx tests following a rainy night, it was not unusual to drain out several test beakers full of water before the fuel would start to come out - presumably due to perished filler cap seals. After about 20hrs of lessons, I left this school due to this and other less mentionable maintenance issues. These were decrepit too but socata tb 20 trinidad fsx pleasant to fly and very easy to land due to ground effect being nearly absent.

The first thing which became obvious during PPL training was that the entire scene was very far removed from the reason I was learning to fly. Even if the training planes had been functionally capable of going somewhere "serious" which they weren't, due to range convincing passengers to come along would be a challenge.

They were not unsafe socata tb 20 trinidad fsx the sense that the wings would not fall off but their condition socata tb 20 trinidad fsx poor at best and only hardened anoraks would want to travel in them regularly. Prague would involve one or two fuel stops which makes it a gruelling all-day exercise - in each direction!

Topping off a plane is not like dropping into a petrol station; in Europe one normally has to clear Customs even just for an socata tb 20 trinidad fsx fuel stop, so landings are generally to be avoided unless one actually wants to do something there. It also became obvious, after the 2nd or 3rd cancelled lesson, that flying would be all but useless without an instrument capability.

During one Oct-Dec period I booked every day to fly i. Unfortunately nothing available for rental was suitable for "real" instrument flight.

Therefore, I started looking around for planes to "get into long-term" in a syndicate, or to buy outright very soon after starting PPL training. This annoyed the various instructors, most of whom were ATPL hour builders who had never flown past the nearest crease in their charts and who knew next to nothing about different aircraft types.

Naturally they preferred me to carry on renting what they had on offer - self fly hire is an important source of income to a flying school. This was done largely through a process of elimination of everything I did not want. After the PPL which took 66 hours, I converted to and rented PAs and s in which I accumulated about 50 hours on various local flights, while looking around at various options.

By this time, the requirements had been refined:. No suitable syndicates were found. The nearest I got to was a share in a Socata TB10, but it was quickly established that some of the IFR avionics were not functioning and the VFR-only members were unwilling to pay their share of fixing them; this turned out to be a common scenario in syndicates. In retrospect, I could have tried forming a syndicate around an outright purchase new or used but with most of socata tb 20 trinidad fsx people who trained with me having left flying almost immediately there was no obvious pool of potential shareholders to tap into.

Soon I moved to various outright purchase options. I did not at that time have the budget for anything brand new. The front runner, on specification and budget, was another used Socata TB However, very few TB10s found for sale were in good condition.

In early the budget situation improved and new purchase options were considered. The planes which met the technical requirements were a suprisingly short list:. The TB20 was the only retractable gear aircraft in the lineup. The fibreglass Cirrus' chief innovation was the whole-aircraft parachute which would offer options for some classes of emergency english subtitles only god forgives cast. When the Cirrus dealer was asked about this he replied "just ignore it; a GPS is much better" which is true but not really the point following which he turned around to talk to another customer who was not asking awkward questions.

I did discover later that an ADF and DME could be retrofitted as a crude hack in the far right of the instrument panel, but if the dealer had this arrogant attitude before he got the money what would he be like afterwards?

The build quality was not great either, with plenty of sharp edges around and poorly fitting trims. The Cirrus does not have an engine RPM lever - this was achieved with a rather crude mechanical device linking the throttle to the prop governor such that the engine runs at max RPM whenever the throttle is beyond a specific setting.

The Diamond DA40 was another very modern looking fibreglass plane but with the build quality of an IKEA kitchen with sharp edges and poorly fitting parts everywhere. The dealer didn't want to discuss avionics changes. Interesting reviews of the Cirrus and the Diamond are here and here. Please let socata tb 20 trinidad fsx know if these links go dead. The Socata TB20 was very different. The build quality was very good and the contrast would have been obvious to any "engineer type".

Construction was mostly aluminium, with a curved composite roof and a lot of car-type plastic a little like a s Renault - apparently they designed the interior and cloth trim inside. It met the performance requirements. It came with a full set of IFR avionics, engine instruments, a fuel flow totaliser, all in a panel which was a masterpiece of ergonomic design.

The actual engine fund is around 2x of the TB20 but the fuel socata tb 20 trinidad fsx is very slightly worse at low operating altitudes due to the lower engine compression ratio, but improving at higher altitudes.

The TB21 does have a higher maintenance cost than the TB20; in common with most turbocharged types I have never met an owner whose engine has made TBO without at least replacing some cracked cylinders, and the fitted oxygen system does indeed cost money at certain intervals.

I had also seen quite a few Commanders sitting on the ground for many months waiting for parts. Mooneys were ruled out due to being single door and with cramped cockpits even more difficult to get into than a PA The rather larger Bonanza A36 was ruled out on grounds of cost.

Considerable "due diligence" was done on Socata aircraft. All maintenance firms I spoke to reported no current problems with them, while warning me off many other types with recurring AD and parts availability issues.

TB20 owners universally liked the aircraft - even if this is to be largely expected. Pilots with known long experience of many types also spoke very well of the TB Some negative views included high parts prices, long lead socata tb 20 trinidad fsx on parts, and difficult access to wiring behind the car-like instrument panel.

The TB20 was available with two main avionics configurations: Today, the options - for the same mission profile and still working to the original specification - would have been suprisingly similar. The Cirrus SR22 would be most pilots' obvious choice for an IFR tourer - it is a current production aircraft with a seemingly assured future, employs very conventional technology, has no real reliability issues other than sporadic reports of glass-cockpit issues, and while its build quality is not to the TB20GT standard, it has much improved.

Diamond, whose build quality has also improved socata tb 20 trinidad fsx their early days, has been an extremely tempting option for anybody doing long distance European touring avtur burning engines avoid the avgas availability problems around Europe but sadly has just become a very questionable choice due to the bankrupcy of Thielert engines.

The TB20 also feels a lot more solid and stable. I've also flown in the Cessna which flies nicely and appears to be a solidly built aircraft, with a really well designed dual-redundant electrical system 2 alternators, 2 batteries, etc and is quick, but the performance obviously comes only from fuel flow and its MPG turns out to be exactly identical to the TB20, at the same speed of e.

There is no free lunch As it was the only realistic option which met the requirements, the TB20 was ordered without a test flight. I had about hours total time at that point and what would a hour pilot know anyway? The aircraft was collected, with the factory pilot being the PIC, from the Socata facility at Le Bourget this office has since been closed.

A couple of obvious faults were found: As I was soon to learn, however, the world of aviation runs in its own parallel universe The aircraft flew very nicely. Obviously it is not anything aerobatic but is great for having fun, drilling holes in clouds, etc.

There was a suprising level of high frequency vibration in the cockpit which did not seem right but I was assured this would go away once the engine had settled down. Being a competent mechanical engineer I did not believe this - mechanical imbalance issues are not going to get better. Socata tb 20 trinidad fsx landing in the UK, the aircraft was left with the dealer who was to prepare it for placing on the UK register.

I did some digging and quickly found that the Socata factory outlet not a dealership as such in the USA routinely finds that the Hartzell 3-blade props are way out of balance and they dynamically balance them, much to the annoyance of the French factory which did not like the extra costs.

I said I would not accept the aircraft until socata tb 20 trinidad fsx prop had been dynamically balanced. The prop was found to be 1. The balanced prop was below juval lowy programming wcf. The aircraft was accepted immediately and the final payment handed over on the return flight.

There was never any issue getting insurance for the TB20 - even for "club use" which was the initial mode of operation, with some other pilots flying it as pilot in command. However, I started off with a huge error: I did not realise that the UK GA insurance market is owned by about four and a half people, and I emailed around 30 brokers for a quote. These enquiries all ended up on the desks of approximately four underwriters or brokers; many aviation brokers are actually re-selling business for socata tb 20 trinidad fsx brokers, and they split the commission and one simply cannot do this kind of thing in aviation.

People who shop around are highly undesirable and this practice gets you banned from the market - for around 30 days. Luckily I did this some weeks before the delivery of the aircraft so it didn't actually cause any problems but because most brokers would not touch me with a bargepole, I did pay way over the top for the first year's cover.

One broker increased his quote by around 3x when he heard I asked others to quote; I discovered this when I tried to place the business. I arranged for an instructor at my old flying school to do the "differences training" with me so I could fly the TB20 on my own. This did not start well: Only the last 10mm was damaged, but it was a clear prop strike which required a full shock load inspection on the engine.

Hartzell's rules for prop repair also mandated that the hub is scrapped if more than one blade socata tb 20 trinidad fsx to be removed for repair and this "interesting" policy meant that a new prop was hardly more expensive than repairing the existing one. The insurance company Haywards was the final broker; I believe it was some Lloyds syndicate were very good socata tb 20 trinidad fsx paid out, but only after the first insurance broker in the line a firm no longer trading had handed over the initial socata tb 20 trinidad fsx which he was hoping to keep in his bank for as long as possible.

Clearly, the words "insurance job" have the same effect in aviation as in the motor trade! It's suprising what you sometimes find Actually this is not the legal position; you can sue the airfield but they will fight it all the way because of the prededent it would create. Anyway, suing the airfield where you are based is not a great idea politically!

I never sued anybody and neither did the insurer. The differences training was edguy rock me amadeus s with a different socata tb 20 trinidad fsx and instructor and took about 15 hours.