Test drive 5 pc game

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test drive 5 pc game

Test Drive 5 System Requirements, Test Drive 5 Minimum requirements Recommended requirements, Can PC run Test Drive 5 system specs. Various game styles round out Test Drive 5's decent racing offering. Drivers can compete in a single race or test skills across multiple leagues. Test Drive 5 also. Test Drive 5 Download ( Simulation Game) Multiplayer support for up to six players, and two players can compete at once via split-screen on one PC. Platforms: PC Playstation PSX. Genre Rate this game: See also: Test Drive Games It didn't really hit me what it was until I started hearing about Test Drive 5. Test Drive 5 Download ( Simulation Game) Multiplayer support for up to six players, and two players can compete at once via split-screen on one PC.

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test drive 5 pc game

Let's face it. Racing test drive 5 pc game are a dime a dozen on the PlayStation. Heck, they're a dime a dozen no matter what platform you're playing on. That said, it takes a special kind of racer to separate itself from the pack. Is Test Drive 5 that special kind of racer? Good question. As previous incarnations of the Test Drive series have revealed, the cars in TD5 are all about power.

Not only does it give you the cream of the crop, chosen from today's most desired cars, it also gives you a healthy selection of the muscle power of yesteryear, hence the choices: As with any other racer, pick your car and off you go. Like any decent racer worth its salt, TD5 offers you the usual opportunities to test your driving prowess: While quick starters will aim straight for the single race, the real meat is found in the various cup races.

There are six different cups to try to win: Each cup has its own particular criteria for winning, and your success will determine what secret cars and tracks are unveiled for you. If playing by yourself isn't enough of a challenge, you can always go to the split-screen two-player mode. The controls in TD5 are as basic as they get, with the L2 button functioning as a hand brake, which helps a great deal in controlling your car through power slides.

However, the cars control kind of heavy, and analog really isn't much better. Without any sort of tactile resistance in the analog pad, you'll find yourself tapping the thing as much as you would the regular D-pad. The graphics test drive 5 pc game TD5 are better than the majority of the racing games out there.

Each car is rendered nicely, and the game even uses a neo-specular highlighting, which is inconsistent in its appearance. Sometimes the effect is used, while other times it is not. The frame rate is kept up at a respectable 25 frames per second though, which is pretty good when you consider that there may be up to six cars onscreen at once.

There are also some pretty nice lighting effects when you're driving at night. Unfortunately, the problem with Test Drive 5 is that it tries to be too many racing games at once.

It's a tactic that doesn't really pay off; while it emulates other games fairly well, it doesn't do anything particularly well. It tries to be Gran Turismo-esque in both its graphic presentation hey chakkani bike undi song simulation aspect. However, without GT's extensive customization options, TD5 comes off kind of shallow by comparison. An inclusion you'll soon discover when you're zooming down a hill, one huge step at a time.

Now, all of these things would be great if the game weren't so darn difficult. While controlling your car is fairly easy despite the extremely heavy handlingthe computer AI has this amazing way of being able to blow by you as if test drive 5 pc game were standing still. It's almost as if your car has no acceleration whatsoever. Test drive 5 pc game difficult enough to try to keep up with everyone, let alone pass them, but scrape a wall, and your race is over.

Sure, there are shortcuts on every track, along with multiple paths, but this game is way too cheap to be much fun for long. In the end, when you think of all the other games that Test Drive 5 tries to emulate, you're thinking of at least three other racing games that you should purchase before you go for this one.

While not a dismal failure by any means, the cheap AI and unbalanced gameplay ensure that Test Drive 5 remains rental material at best. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Upvote Leave Blank. Other Platform Reviews test drive 5 pc game Test Drive 5 6. About the Author. James Mielke. More GameSpot Reviews. Load Comments 0. Test Drive 5 More Info. You're Good to Go! Please Sign In to rate Test Drive 5. Everyone No Descriptors.

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This site test drive 5 pc game cookies. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies. OK read more. Hot Test drive 5 pc game Test Drive 5 gameplay video loading, please wait Test Drive 5 pc game. Accolade Racing Car simulation Driving. Digital Download Classic Box 3 We haven't sonic 4 episode 1 apk full any digital download available at this moment.

Notify when download is available. There are 3 classic boxed games available for sale. Check shipping price and condition directly on shop page. Classic box instructions. A great specimen from the series The fifth in the popular Test Drive game seriesthe game excels in detail and quality, making it more of a simulation than a simple racing game like Need for Speed III.

You have to watch how you're driving, just like in a real carbecause a slightest mistake or a brush from another car might send you rolling off the tracks with great ease. The game has 18 tracks which is a huge amount for that time and an even bigger selection of cars, 28 of them, each of them amazingly detailed in their design. The tracks are also fantastically designed and they are far from easy to play.

What amazes me is the great detail that is put in the surroundings of the tracks and the tracks themselves. If you're up for an easy racing gamethen you should back out, because even in the easiest tracks, this game is quite challenging. So, I hope you're a good driver.

The music is unfortunately not on par with the quality of the rest of the game, so you should play in silent mode or play some of your music with the game music off. In any case, here we've got ourselves a very good racing game which will challenge even the best racers, a game that is visually stunning and a game that has "fun" written all over it. The racing game "Test Drive 5" is real!

Test drive 5 pc game have played it somewhere and observed that it can be used by leaners for perfecting their steering tasks, as well as good driver measuring their instincts. Above all, the primary aim of the game is fun, and I think with Test Drive 5 you are in to a great deal of fun fare.

Downloading it? I'll say yes ten times, because I know the best is yet to come, and the developers should be looking forward to a more sophisticated version, why not encourage them. Similar games Test Drive 3: Policy F. Contact us.