Call the time eternity tweaker firefox

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call the time eternity tweaker firefox

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No news? Manage News Not now. Message Loading Wakeup Call. The fact that Chris Vrenna was a founding member of Nine Inch Nails might lead you to expect 60 minutes of despairing heavyosity. The fact that he now records under the name tweaker might lead you to expect 60 minutes of blippy, bloopy electronica call the time eternity tweaker firefox by rave-friendly club beats. Instead, what you get on Vrenna's sophomore effort are plain old songs -- though, granted, they are alternately characterized by despairing heavyosity "Ruby," which features vocalist Will Oldham and blippy, bloopy electronica "Remorseless".

Vrenna doesn't sing all summer long chords youtube er instead, he brings in such illustrious vocalists as David Sylvian, Jennifer Charles whose "Crude Sunlight" is one of the album's highlight tracksand the Cure's Robert Smith whose "Truth Is" is pretty good, call the time eternity tweaker firefox isn't one of the album's highlight tracks.

Perhaps most interesting of all is a pleasantly twisted electronic remake of Tones on Tail's "Movement of Fear" that comes across as sort of a cross between Cocteau Twins and Ministry. Call the time eternity tweaker firefox Clint Walsh contributes significant amounts of musical content here, and he brings a welcome element of organic crunch to Vrenna's sound.

Highly recommended. Loading Sliders Some User. Some User Pass DJ. Some User Sample Msg. Upgrade now for ad free listening and unlimited song skips. Casting to.

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Tweaker - Nothing at All

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Release Date: Album Rating: Any constructive criticism appreciated. Here is an official stream of the record - [A] http: There's not much to remember here, aside from a few tracks. The previous records were slightly better. Have not call the time eternity tweaker firefox this but I am casual listener of NIN, may check out.

Good review, though. It's not that good, you should better listen to Front Line Assembly and Delerium both are Bill Leeb's projects, maybe you've heard of him.

One's aggressive industrial and the other grew from abstract ambient to something similar to Enigma listen to the albums Karma and Poem if you have the time, fwkzt death run are amazing.

Tweaker Call The Time Eternity 3. Review Summary: Even though it's a solid record, Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh fail to create something cohesive, turning everything into more of a soundrack with a few highlights. Wakeup Call. Quitting Manson after creating, producing and touring behind the band's latest offerings, 's The High End Of Low and this year's Born Villainhe quickly came up with a third effort, entitled Call The Time Eternity. Tweaker has always been about moody tunes that created a somber ambiance and Call The Time Eternity is no different from his previous recordings, being the result of some tragic events Vrenna suffered, such as the death of his father, going through a divorce and even having to leave Manson because of the hectic lifestyle he had to cope with during the last 5 years in the band.

While Vrenna and Clint Walsh who provides the guitar work and some of the keyboards do manage to carve a niche of their own, they fail to create a cohesive record, sounding more like a soundtrack containing some sparse, undeveloped instrumentals and a few songs that are clearly meant to be singles.

The former having Jessicka Addams of Jack Off Jill is a haunting number with a really nice, melodic chorus, while the latter, which is reminiscent of Delerium's mid to late 90s material, features kaRIN of the band Collide lending her beautiful, soft voice to a matching instrumental.

The vocal harmonies are nice and the whole song is translated very well into the record's overall theme. Unfortunately, these songs are in a category of their own and the rest are less enticing.

Beside the aforementioned tracks, "A Bit Longer Than Usual", "Areas Of The Brain" or "Ponygrinder", the rest of the more enjoyable tracks found here, create a tense atmosphere using mainly a deep bass line, loud percussion, abstract soundscapes and whispered vocals courtesy of Chris. They are fairly interesting as they showcase Vrenna's creativity and production skills, but still, there is nothing spectacular here. Meanwhile, others, like "Hoarding Granules", "This Is Ridiculous" or "Wasting Time" are just an exercise in sound manipulation, thus feeling like some vapid interludes, lacking any shape or melody and not going anywhere really.

In the end, Call The Time Eternity sounds call the time eternity tweaker firefox. It's clear that Vrenna and Walsh had some great ideas, but halfway during the process they rushed to finish the record, leaving some of the tracks undeveloped.

This is not a bad album, but it doesn't offer anything spectacular to be remembered. Industrial fans might enjoy this for a while before shelving it in favor of better records. Tweet Recent reviews by this author. The Sonic Dawn Eclipse. Crippled Black Phoenix Great Escape.

Zippo Ode to Maximum The Attraction to All Thi. Add a Comment. You have call the time eternity tweaker firefox be logged in to post a comment. Login Call the time eternity tweaker firefox a Profile. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic.

More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. CDAlbum. IndustrialElectroTechno. Tracklist Hide Credits 1 Ponygrinder 4: Barcode Text: Add Review amynekrotique March 22, Report. This album gives you a little bit of everything while still managing to sound like a complete album.

The artwork also takes a new direction on this release, possibly implying that Mr. Vrenna has matured. This may upset some fans because the artwork from the first two albums was revered by us. Abhorrent Derelect also appears on this album. Jessicka's deep, sexy vocals on 'Nothing At All' surprisingly work well with a trip-hop beat, while kaRIN's wispy, ethereal vocals on 'Grounded' only seem fitting for the same genre. As stated before, not many songs feature guitars, but 'Areas of the Brain' fills in that gap along with more insane drumming.

Each song brings something new call the time eternity tweaker firefox the table and expresses various emotions, but still maintains somewhat of a chaotic roller coaster. I feel that all 11 tracks on this album are fairly solid. Tweaker may not marit larsen the chase transactions for everyone however.

If you're a fan of super hard and fast danceable music this may not be the album for you, but I encourage you to give it a try. It's very different from NIN, but there are certain aspects of this album that maintain the sounds of quieter characteristics of NIN. I've been waiting patiently for a new Tweaker release and I am no way disappointed with what I got.

I'm not saying that it's the album of the year, but it was a much anticipated release that deserves some recognition. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. Add to List. Contributors controller64all-blacksjmurrjptaylor03Miki A Bit Longer Than Usual.

Areas Of The Call the time eternity tweaker firefox. Hoarding Granules. Grounded Featuring — kaRIN 3. This Is Ridiculous. I Don't Care Anymore. Wasted Time. Fine Featuring — Abhorrent Derelict.

call the time eternity tweaker firefox