Chrismar quetico map

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chrismar quetico map

I carry McKenzies when I go to Q, but I like the Chrismar for it's "big picture" view. It doesn't weigh anything so why not bring it?. Woodland Caribou Provincial Park & Area. Looking for a huge expanse of world- class wilderness paddling territory? Then Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in. The Adventure Map™ is available from a variety of sources, including outdoor stores, . (Quetico, Heart of the Continent & Northwestern Ontario maps only).

Chrismar Quetico Park Map - Outdoors Oriented

Feb 15 that Mar 14 th I just ordered the newest edition of the Chrismar for Quetico park. I have a first edition, but they've made some updates since then and I wanted the latest to help plan future Q chrismar quetico map. While ordering it, the guy mentioned they have a updated one for Woodland Caribou. I've found their portage locations to be the most accurate. Thought I'd pass the info on: You need to Login or Register to view media files and links. IP Logged.

Central Texas Joined: Chrismar quetico map 27 th I've had mine for about a year now. The new version has some portage corrections, a few more routes primarily in the Irvine area and some additional lake names. Marten Inukshuk Offline Posts: IL Joined: Feb 6 th Malverde smoke dza skype you are planning a trip to WCPP the new map is a must.

So much has changed and been added from the old map that you are asking for headaches if you do not get the new map. So many portages have been moved or rerouted. Kerry Inukshuk Offline Posts: Toronto Joined: May 13 th Yeah, I got mine just before last year's trip. As Marten says, a lot of differences and having the new map did save me a lot of headaches and backaches. Feb 1 st Kerry wrote on Jan 24 that 5: HighnDry Inukshuk Offline Posts: Minneapolis Joined: Apr 28 th I have a copy of one of the "old" park maps that I picked chrismar quetico map a month or two before this came out and the Chrismar is certainly of better quality.

Made route planning for chrismar quetico map year a lot easier as well as navigation with more chrismar quetico map topos a lot easier although I can still manage to miss a portage or two when I'm out there. What's Cooking? All Rights Reserved. Page completed in 0. Welcome, Guest. Please Login or Register.

Send Topic Print. Print Post. I concur with Dr. For example when leaving Mexican Hat the topo shows clear sailing right through to the next lake but the lake seems to end Pull out the park map and the AHA!

Important map to have

Maps are always available in and around the area mapped, but you may prefer to obtain a copy before travelling there. Before making a special trip to a store we recommend you call them to ensure the maps you want are in stock. Not all retailers carry all titles in the series throughout the entire year.

If your favourite store doesn't carry the series, please tell them about it. Let us know too. We'll send them a Retailers Information Package on request. If a local retailer does not have the map you want, or will not order it for you, then consider mail order.

If one of these solutions doesn't suit you, then you are quite welcome to order directly from Chrismar. Below is a partial list of retailers currently carrying the series. New retailers are being added on a regular basis as the series grows. Many are not on this list because they are serviced by our distributors, including most bookstores across Canada who can special order our maps for you. A few mail order options are at the bottom. Either use the following shortcuts or scroll down the list.

BookstoresOutdoor Stores. Opeongo Algonquin Hwy 60, Whitney Back to Top. Mountain Equipment Co-op 61 Bryne Drive Madawaska Outdoors Mountain Equipment Co-op Brant Street Suntrail Outfitters Hwy 6, Hepworth Trailhead Princess Street, Kingston Adventure Outfitters County Road 18 Pelee Wings Point Pelee Drive London's Paddle Shop Nightingale Avenue Lefebvre's Chrismar quetico map Avenue Hikers Haven South Service Road Buy Direct from Chrismar.

Mountain Equipment Co-op Richmond Road World of Maps Wellington Street West Canadian Canoe Museum Monaghan Road Red Lake Outfitters 7 - Highway Agnew Lake Lodge Webbwood, Ontario Chutes Provincial Park Massey, Ontario Spanish River Outfitters Levack, Ontario Catharines Outdoors Oriented Vansickle Road Levack Ramakko's Source for Adventure Regent Street Europe Bound King Street West The Complete Paddler Oxford Street Chaltrek Balmoral Street Also see mail order.

Vertical Addiction - Railway Avenue western maps only. British Columbia. Bacchus Books 9th Avenue, Golden Grizzly Books Mackenzie Avenue, Revelstoke Due to their specialty nature our maps are not widely available in the USA or overseas, so your best option may chrismar quetico map to order from a Canadian retailer or directly from Chrismar.

The easiest way to order is by phone. See our Direct Order Form page. Other options that we are aware of include: Mail Order Options. The following operations offer mail-order service by phone or internet, payment bycredit card, and shipping by a variety of methods. Many of the retailers named in the main section above will also service mail orders. Simply call them and ask. If these chrismar quetico map cannot or will not assist you then use our Direct Order Form or call to order from us.

Algonquin Outfitters - Dwight Order by phone Chrismar quetico map store carries mainly our Algonquin-related titles year-round. World of Maps Wellington Street Other Bookstores Your local bookstore can special order for you. Just have them contact us.

There is no minimum order. Chrismar quetico map of the following parks sells our map of their park, and sometimes our maps of other parks too. Friends of Algonquin Park-Visitor's Centre Also available chrismar quetico map the private non potete capire fabri fibra yahoo in chrismar quetico map park: Also see private outfitters just outside the Park see above under Algonquin Park Area.

Where To Buy.

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