Full songs of yaariyan lyrics

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full songs of yaariyan lyrics

home > K > KK > Meri Maa (From "Yaariyan") lyrics | FR en Français. KK Meri Maa (From "Yaariyan") song lyrics. KK · Meri Maa (From "Yaariyan"); lyrics. Lyrics of Baarish Hindi Song from Yaariyan (), Baarish Lyrics | Latest Hindi Songs Lyrics. See the lyrics and sing karaoke to Baarish (HQ)® Track - Yaariyan (Full Song) by Mohammed Irfan & Gajendra Verma. Find your favorite song lyrics with Smule. Read or print original Baarish lyrics updated! Yaariyan ve Yaariyan / Yaariyan ve yaariyan ve / Yaariyaan yaa / Dil. Yaariyan (reprise) Lyrics: Alvida yaara alvida / Ho rahe tumse hum judaa / Le chale saare gham tere / Khush rahe yaara tu sada / Tumse bhi jaada hongi / Ab.

Dum Gutkoon/ Jugni Ji (Cocktail): Lyrics, Translation

Wat a bakwas translation. Harder than full songs of yaariyan lyrics original. And totally unauthentic. Jugni does nt mean a spirit. Its common sense. Idiot direction, shame for irshad kamil Stain on muslim community. Miss Rajrupa Roy: I guess u dont respect the hard work of others It is showing LOVE between 2 souls. Good translation. But be sure i m with u Thanks again. Folks, this song is so touching, full of love.

It is great to keep up with its spirit, and even if a correction needs to be made, so be it. Full songs of yaariyan lyrics the end, what should remain is love, and the meaning of it, and how it has been portrayed. I wish i could understand even a bit of the original wording. Urdu is definitely a language of the poets. Great job - showung the real meaning of the powerful words of this song.

Sultan Bahu was a sufi saint the writes of this poem,he was a spritual seeker who had devoted his life in way of one divine allah,,,its allahs love that made sultan to write these superp lines of love India should stop using Pakistan's songs and Sufi qalaams period. The person who translated the lyrics did an innaccurate and bogus job. This song's clear beauty is without peer. I have listened to music from all around the planet.

I picked up the song by chance in memo pad for android apk United States. For the last 40 days i've been listening. Now Full songs of yaariyan lyrics understand the meaning in my mind not just my heart and spirit.

Thank you for this translation. Thanks for translation. Really nice music and heart touching lyrics. I heard this song first time. Infact hes right jugni does not mean spirit, its an invented word from urdu, in SUFI islam it is a term used to address a pure love. Also the translations online seem to be missing the mention of nabi paak a islamic messenger who had pure love for god denoted jugni.

Dum ghutkoon isn't the dove sounds echoing. Is full songs of yaariyan lyrics i tot Rest of the translation thumbs up: Jugni- is no doubt literally a female firefly. But when used in folk to help to sing asa third person Means as the crazy lover of god, jugni is someone who is surrendered to love and here to the love not anyone just love.

Someone devoted to love no matter whose the beloved. And its a tribute to that Jugni who taught world to love devotedly. And whomsoever is worshiper of love automatically becomes loved one of god. It has nothing to do with anyones god or anything just love and devoted lover. And the whole sentence meant- am just a helpless human, do justice with my beloved too by teaching him loyal love like yours. Saayi or mera sai is my beloved, the one I praise or worship. Post a Comment.

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full songs of yaariyan lyrics