40 kb games s

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40 kb games s

Aug 9, Create a 13 kB JavaScript game in 30 days with js13kGames engines like @ xem's platform-engine, @kittykatattack's Ga are useful for creating width and height of the sprite rectangle height: 40, dx: 2 // move the sprite 2px. Sep 7, When thinking about making games for such Nintendo, it seems that it is necessary to store data only about 40 KB, and game secrets Morphcat. Dec 14, Comparing 40kb Super Mario, to a kb image So this image 1) how video games are made, and 2) how image compression works. Js13kGames is a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 game developers. The fun part of the compo is the file size limit set to 13 kilobytes. Storm Of The Chaos Bane, Off The Lines, ICE-X, Cloudapocalypsis Now, Offline Mobile . Jun 21, As the title state, I generally get between 10 and 12 KB/s download speeds. It would be nice to download a game in less that a couple of days. . I just bought Hitman and it is 40 GB and it says it is going to take 1 DAY +.

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Family computers released by Nintendo in produced a number of masterpiece games, but these are low image qualities that are not comparable with current games, and the data capacity is kept quite low. When 40 kb games s about making games for such Nintendo, it seems that it is necessary to store data only about 40 KB, and game secrets Morphcat Games explains the clinical surgery cuschieri games for that.

Even though it is said that "40 KB" in the era of smartphone storage is several GB, I think that some people do not come with pins Speaking of MP3 music data, it corresponds to just 2 seconds. The data capacity of 40 kb games s game released in Japan 25 years ago 40 kb games s now is only a little bit.

There are many people who have experienced playing once because it is a game appearing on various game machines, but I do not imagine that this is just composed of only 40 KB of data.

Morphcat Games, a game developer, thought about developing a new game for such Nintendo. When you disassemble the NES cassette, there are boards and memory inside. The data that needs to be contained within 8 KB can be divided into two, " sprite " with motion and "background". By synthesizing four pixel pictures, it becomes possible to express one character. This is a metapright. In NES, four colors can be specified for each sprite, so if you reflect color information in metapright, you can also prepare color variations as below.

So, Morphcat Games decides to display characters in sprite instead of displaying them in metaprice. Even when you are playing 4 people, there are only 5 sprites on the same horizontal line, even enemies, so you will be able to play games without worrying about technical limitations. Taking Super Mario Brothers as an example, when expressing a character with metapright, Mario's graphics alone occupies about one-third of the data capacity to sprites If it is a method of "expressing one character with one sprite" taken by Morphcat Games, it is possible to drastically reduce the data capacity of the main character as follows.

Enemy character becoming important in the game of action things. This is of course also included in the sprite. As expected, the enemy character is bigger than the character operated by the player, and it is represented by big metapright with 4 meta sprites combined. This enemy character is represented by 15 kinds of pictures as follows If you try to save this as is, it is certain that you will exceed the data capacity allocated to the sprite.

So divide 40 kb games s enemy character vertically into three as follows Check the 40 kb games s for each part. It is a picture of 15 types of enemy characters, but the difference is 3 ways when looking at only the head part. Furthermore, this is broken down for each sprite. The left end of the head is all the same data It is ok if only one is left. Furthermore, if you invert left and right, you delete data that will be in the same shape The movement of the head part of the enemy character can be expressed with how many four sprites.

In the same way, with face parts Hirahira parts also delete useless data. It is obvious that enemy characters can be represented with only 21 sprites. Given that you can only save different sprites, it's obvious that 40 kb games s are saving a lot of data, so you can add more characters and objects. Next, about the "background" part. Including color information requires bytes of procedure. In this way, you save the amount of data needed to display the background. Still 60 bytes in the background alone means that it is too big for the whole game It is proposed to cut data by cutting the map in half in the left and right and inverting the left and right like a mirror.

That way it takes only 30 bytes to take 60 bytes It is rejected that all maps are symmetrical and not interesting. It is represented by 1 byte, that is, 8 bits. For example, the following meta tile can be expressed as follows. However, because the number of meta tiles used in the background is small, even if all kinds are represented by 8 bits, I notice that one bit of the head is unused. Therefore, 40 kb games s the mario kart 8 able content release where the total of eight basic tenshin ranman happy go lucky of the four meta tile tiles arranged on the same horizontal line and the mirrored meta meta tile represented by left-right reversal are set as follows Morphcat Games comes up with an idea to create a background that is not symmetrical by shifting the background sideways using 1 bit x 4 that was not used.

As a result, a map which is not symmetrical is completed while saving data. By saving the data so far, 40 kb games s Games is now able to add hard mode to just 40 KB of games. Speaking of normal hard 40 kb games s, enemies become strong, but Morphcat Games decides to 40 kb games s the hard mode by changing the color palette to use and changing the level design.

And by focusing only on the parts that make changes on the map, we succeeded in eliminating the need to recreate the map from a moment. Then the completed map for the hard mode is the map on the right below. Like this, while Morphcat Games conserves data, it created a new game for NES, "Micro Mages", created at the time of article creation and Kickstarter at the cloud funding site is recruiting investment at the time of article creation I will. The target amount of the project was 15, euros approx.

The download version of Micro Mages is available with a capital of 8 euros about yenand there are also other investment plans that can obtain physical cassettes. The investment in Micro Mages is until October 5, Micro Mages: Sep 07, Related Posts: A completely new shooter game "Xeno Crisis" for mega drive boasting persistent popularity.

During the recruitment of a lateral scroll action game "Mighty No. Keiji Inake.

40 kb games s