Le orme storia o leggenda

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le orme storia o leggenda

Le Orme always had a well-developed sense of melody and the ability to string shorter ideas together into a cohesive whole (i.e., Felona e Serona). However. A1, Tenerci Per Mano, A2, Storia O Leggenda, A3, Il Musicista, A4, Come Una Giostra, B1, Se Io Lavoro, B2, Un Angelo, Tenerci per mano () 2. Storia o leggenda () 3. Il musicista () 4. Come una giostra () 5. Se io lavoro () 6. Un angelo () 7. Il quadro (). le orme storia o leggenda

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Le orme storia o leggenda Forum user Forum password. However, the age is the latter half of 's. Come Una Giostra 4: Results cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 11 items. That's not to say it's the best
Le orme storia o leggenda Throughout the album the myriad shifts and contrasts are executed with grace and sultry Latin charm. Thank Heavens for diversity. You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not. Here is a quite underrated album by Le Orme. Can't help.
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Side 1 1. Tenerci Per Mano 4: Storia O Leggenda 5: Il Musicista 4: Come Una Giostra 4: Se Io Lavoro 4: Un Angelo 4: Il Quadro 4: Al Mercato Delle Pulci 4: By the year of this release,recording technology had improved almost exponentially from the early '70s.

The beautiful, well-rounded sound picture on this album comprises one of two highlight characteristics of 'Storia O Leggenda'.

The keyboards, as mentioned, are gorgeous: Add the clear punch of the bass and A. Tagliapietra's enchanting voice, and there's plenty of ear-candy happening, le orme storia o leggenda if most of the songs lack memorability. Nothing asserts the kind of character you want to hear on a Le Orme album, though I have to mention the sedate strains of "Un Angelo" as standing out from most of the other tracks. That's not to say it's the best It just asserts itself more than some of the others.

There's a polite and quiet flow to these songs, not traits associated with Le Orme's best material. Everything is enjoyable enough, nothing bizarre, nothing too challenging, but certainly played by a band that possesses rare chemistry and a unique insight.

At the very end you get the album's second impressive characteristic: After seven songs of fairly even-keeled arrangements and patient performances, this song spikes out like an unexpected explosion. It bounces between Eastern melodic figures shades of King Crimson's 'Discipline' album here and barely-controlled fusion-esque freakouts. Oh yeah, Le Orme could still spazz out, they just chose to play those cards less frequently. It certainly is a joyous moment of genius prog on an otherwise average album.

My favourite song of 1x0 dibob yahoo album is "Il quadro", especially because of the lyrics. Storia o Leggenda is the most controversial album released by Le Orme during the seventies. It was recorded in Paris in - october. A very nice "freudian" cover fallic symbolism that reminds of the memorable Uomo di Pezza The picture is inspired by a work of Walter Mac Mazzieri and seems to represent the fight between man and woman, maybe a link to a tough contrast between harder and gentler music's parts The listener risks to be too soon disappointed for the wrong choice of the opener track, titled "Tenerci per mano" Holding Hands.

I was a little bit shocked too, even though those reggae parts are not of a great importance in the song's structure. By the way I cannot blame who've decided to underestimate the value of the whole album mainly for the influence of its opening move, which is, anyway, a good track despite the reggae parts, obvious!

If the band had decided to turn upside down the tracking list, I'm sure the results and the opinions of many prog lovers could have been different. What a pity the song is so short le orme storia o leggenda 4,07 mns. This was the argument that deserved to be developed! Relaxing arrangements in "Il Quadro", nothing more for a le orme storia o leggenda symphonic prog lover! Le orme storia o leggenda conclusion: What a contrast with the opening number "Tenerci Per Mano" which is a great and subtle "Le Orme" song.

It brings me back to their excellent album "Uomo Di Pezza". Such a delicate voice, sweet music, wonderful harmonies. Extremely melodic. Wonderful, I have no other words. And the same approach is used for the title track; at least till the chorus which is seriously pop-oriented maybe too much. Still, there is no sign of a significant change of direction in their music.

Still very symphonic and melodic which I like very much. To put things into perspective, remember that "PFM" released the poor "Jet Lag" the same year the great The good work goes on with the more complex "Il Musicista". A more rocking style to break the mood, but beautiful vocals brings this le orme storia o leggenda to high levels. It is video kereta kecil warna merah most sophisticated from this album.

It features so many themes or rhythm changes that the listener is just enchanted with so much brio. Another highlight. Did I say emotional? I was then probably thinking of "Come Una Giostra".

Some Trespass-esque mood for this delicate song again. This first side of the vinyl album is one of the best of the band. An ode to this great genre. The second side also holds some fine music. Some might say that it is somewhat mellow, too much of the same. But when such beautiful melodies and superb vocals are performed, I just succumb. Can't help. And both "Se io Lavoro" and "Un Angelo" fall under this description.

The latter holding some great harmonium parts. Childish instrumentation but these melodic vocals save it. The instrumental and closing number sounds almost as a neo-prog song. Close to some "Genesis" while they were four. Not bad but I would have hoped a better finale for this elegant and very good album. Of course Storia o Leggenda doesn't reach the almost perfection of their greatest album "Uomo".

But I can't really rate this one with three stars. Four stars then. Hopefully, I'll be able soon to upgrade "Uomo" to 4. But this is certainly more a grafting of those artists' ideas onto the Le Orme sound, keeping it fresh. The title cut, "Il Musicista", and "Come Una Giostra" include pleasant guitars, backed by plenty of melodic and ethereal keyboards, as well as the usual organ and even some creative piano.

Throughout the album the myriad shifts and contrasts are executed with grace and sultry Latin charm. It's pretty hard to find much fault with this album musically, even if it is not a complex progressive undertaking. It only solidified the group's own legendary status in the Italian prog world and beyond.

Despite the rough years for progressive music in general,Le Orme surprise the audience with their new album. The band would somehow turn back in time and tried to re-produce the sound of their early years. Tony Pagliuca performs in the fully-oriented dreamy Baroque style,definitely a trademark the band. Aldo Tagliapietra sings in the same style over the years,but combined with this music,his voice now sounds more ethereal. The tracks are short,but they are full of intricate vocal harmonies, classical influences, intricate melodies and dreamy acoustic passages.

But this not the whole story. In places Pagliuca recreates the space weirdness of ''Felona e sorona'' with his moog synthesizer and actually this specific style prooves to be le orme storia o leggenda for supporting music than performed in a full album.

The result is certainly one of the best Le Orme releases,soft classical prog with plenty of trippy soundscapes. Progressive music was alive and well with albums like this.

Filled with perfect harmonies,splendid vocals and unique keyboard work,''Storia o Leggenda'' is one of the rare examples of good Italian Prog music towards the le orme storia o leggenda of the 70's and deserves a special place in a decent prog collection.

Highly recommended. It's also arguably the band's most well-rounded and balanced effort since becoming a quartet: Le Orme always had its own voice, regardless of the influence: The striking cover illustration by Walter Mac Mazzieri pays tribute to his own artwork for one of Le Orme's best-loved albums "Uomo di Pezza',but the newer LP was never meant as a re-tread.

I shouldn't have to remind regular visitors to these pages that a softer, more accessible Prog album doesn't indicate an immediate sell-out. The music here might be easier on the ears, but from start to finish it's pure Rock Progressivo Italiano, beautifully written and performed. And the le orme storia o leggenda closes with a real humdinger, in the aggressive throwback instrumental "Al Mercato le orme storia o leggenda Pulci" The Flea Marketin retrospect four of the strongest minutes in Le Orme's later history.

It's hard to imagine a more dynamic or appropriate ending, to the album and to the era itself. I've got a bad habit of buying my first le orme storia o leggenda by a particular band, getting home and reading some reviews, and discovering that I bought the wrong album to use as an introduction. Thankfully, I didn't make that mistake with Le Orme, one of the classic bands from the s Italian prog scene. During the year ofLe ORME offers another work to us, now titled Storia or Leggenda, maintaining the alignment, passed and in this order: Here is a quite underrated album by Le Orme.

Being symphonic doesn't mean necessarily being good, and in it was the whole rock scene to demonstrate that it was time for something different. Rock needed a shake before imploding on its too intricated and pretentious structures:

Le Orme: Storia o leggenda () | John's Classic Rock

Evidentemente anche il glorioso quartetto veneto si era reso conto che il Punkla Disco Music e il generale sentore di riflusso ormai alle porte imponevano un giro di boa. E non solo. Le Ormea quel punto, avevano visto tempi decisamente migliori: La musica del disco, va da se, riflette il candore di certi suoi contenuti: Tenerci per mano 2.

Storia o leggenda 3. Il musicista 4. Come una giostra - B - 1. Se io lavoro 2. Un angelo 3. Il le orme storia o leggenda 4. Disco comune la cui versione originale italiana non supera quasi mai i 40 euro. Pubblicato da J. Grazie John. Ottima scheda come sempre. La tua disanima non fa una grinza ed io la condivido in pieno. Io mi sono autonominato "Aliante" proprio in onore del symphony of the goddesses youtube spunto ritmico di Michi Dei Rossi presente nel suddetto pezzo direi quasi alla Bruford.

E in questo senso essa strideva davvero con la socialdemocrazia del disco. Che ne pensi? Altra cosa: Cosa pensate di questo? Voi, come lo avete interpretato? John, per quanto riguarda la copertina di Walter Mac Mazzieri il mio era un giudizio puramente estetico. Io ho sentito e comprato il disco all'epoca Uomo di pezza. Chiaro che poi, col tempo, correggi le tue parole e i tuoi sentimenti espressi anni prima.

Voglio raccontare anche una bella storiella: Una bella sera, manna caduta dal cielo, la figlia di amici che erano venuti a trovarci per 2 giorni le orme storia o leggenda eravamo in villeggiatura, si offre di badare a nostro figlio che di li a poco sarebbe andato a nanna, mentre lei guardava la TV Mentre entravamo in paese si sentiva musica Io credevo di sognare, in quel momento FeS dal vivo, intera Alla fine sono riuscito ad abbracciare Aldo, l'unico "grigio" e unico del vecchio trio ma glia ltri due erano bravissimi.

Rachmaninov sei sicuro che se era il non c'era anche Michi dei Rossi alla batteria? Ciao a tutti e ciao soprattutto a quel figo di JJ: Ciao Fabiana Forse quel brano in un altro contesto spazio-temporale sarebbe stato un grandissimo brano Sono daccordissimo sulla le orme storia o leggenda al disco, una mezza ciofeca detto chiaro e tondo Come ho sempre sostenuto attirandomi non poche critiche,le Orme sono fondamentalmente dei socialdemocratici.

Ehm, a me sembra una scena di battaglia in cui lei sta recruitment software open source essere trafitta da una lancia. Rispondendo all'ultimo Anonimo quello del porno E se pensi ad un glande che sta per essere staccato dal becco di un rapace, penseresti sempre e ancora al porno?

Tutti i pornografi: Insomma, sempre di le orme storia o leggenda si tratta. Questo qualcuno me lo deve spiegare. Conosco il gruppo ma non ho mai ascoltato il disco di cui parli. Non si tratta di "ostinazione". Furono smaccatamente antiabortisti o comunque vennero percepiti come talisocialdemocratici e nel caso di "Se io lavoro" davvero controrivoluzionari.

Vennero all'epoca criticati per questo ma non fecero una piega: Segno che in fondo, certe critiche avevano centrato il punto. Attenzione, molti testi di Le Orme sonometafore e denunce sociali, feci domande specifiche una sera di almeno quindici anni fa con Dei Rossi, Bom e Sartori: Le Orme forever.

A mio parere si tratta di un brutto disco con un pezzo musicalmente magnetico e splendido: Il testo credo vada interpretato con valenza di affresco surreale. Ciao MarioCX, bello risentirti. Tetra economia Se io lavoro: Beh, sin dai tempi di "Ad Gloriam" non ci voleva molto per capire da che parte stessero. Marxismo, post marxismo, Althusser e Toni Negri ecc. Li ho studiati a fondo anni fa per obbligo. Non fanno per me. Troppo terrenali. Non si avvicinano minimamente a rispondere alle domande fondamentali.

In particolare sulle sue controculture: Di "Christian Music", se ne parla naturalmente in seno al fenomeno Beat, che fu l'anticamera del Prog, ma se proprio volete approfondire, rivolgetevi ai miei amici e colleghi Fabio Marchignoli e Pamela King. Loro sanno tutto di tutto: Per finire,Non prendo lezioni di filosofia dal primo che passa, ci mancherebbe altro! PS i movimenti da te citati li ho vissuti in prima persona, mio malgrado.

Acqua passata. Ci sei? Aproposito John Mo' non ci dormo la notte Lunga vita al prog italiano e viva la controcultura degli anni settanta.

Per il resto, "lunga vita al prog italiano" e chi vuol farci sopra dell'ironia, si renda gentilmente conto che ha sbagliato sito. Fine della scambio di battute. Alcuni esempi: Oppure vedere quanto di Aldous Huxley ci fu in Fetus di Battiato. Una chiave di lettura rock, insomma.

Battiato e Huxley, ottima osservazione, John! A presto. Scusate ma se parliamo di movimenti sociali creativi, il vate dell'Underground e della Controcultura italiana fu semmai Andrea Valcarenghi.

So che Pasolini difese le orme storia o leggenda subcultura dei Teddy Boys verso la fine degli anni cinquanta giusto John? No, non sbagli. Valcarenghi fu "l'ideatore" dell'Underground e della Controcultura, intesi come movimenti sociali. Forever Prog, Le orme storia o leggenda. Ho dimenticato di scriverlo prima: Ci sono invece due cose.

Basti pensare alla malinconia dei giardini delle ville venete. Semplicemente, come sempre, saltarono sul carro dei vincitori. Posta un commento. Le Orme: Storia o leggenda JOHN Etichette: Grazie Fabiana! Ricambio con affetto. JOHN ha detto Oppure, Dario Fo http: Io non condivido la vostra avversione nei confronti del cristianesimo. Non posso. I testi del Museo Rosenbach e del RdM sono una meraviglia.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Audio CD Verified Purchase. Le Orme always had a well-developed sense of melody and the ability to string shorter ideas together into a le orme storia o leggenda whole i. However, whereas earlier songs sometimes seemed like undeveloped fragments, on Le orme storia o leggenda o Leggenda, the shorter pieces stand on their own.

This is a wonderful recording that has all of the classical posturing, analog synthesizers, rhythmic complexity, and the melodrama of their earlier works yet presented in a much more stripped down manner and is somewhat more mature sounding.

One does not need to understand Italian to appreciate this disc. An absolute must for Le Orme fans and fans of Italian progressive rock. Loved it. Another great album from Le Orme. Again, not knowing Italian I have no idea what it is all about, but the music here is magnificent, the vocals all very well done and the lyrics I don't have le orme storia o leggenda more to say about this one other than this is classic Italian progressive rock at its finest.

I agree with the first review comment and again certain Italian rock musicians are progressive without cajoling music as an experiment which is what I think a lot of it ended up in the late sixties and seventies. It's about time that we all determine what should be classified as masterpieces in years to come as historians have done with classical music.

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