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Kristin Johansson. China Tel: Visit ispcoatings. Cover photo courtesy of www. Big Beaver Rd. No charge for subscriptions to qualified individuals. Annual rate for subscriptions to nonqualified individuals in the U. Annual rate for subscriptions to nonqualified individuals in Canada: Printed in the U. Copyrightby BNP Media. All rights reserved. The contents of filme parcialmente nublado skype publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the consent of the publisher.

The publisher is not responsible for product claims and representations. Send address changes to: BoxSkokie, IL Canada Post: Publications Mail Agreement GST account: Send returns Canada to Pitney Bowes, P. Change of address: For single copies or back issues: I often read about the fast-growing economies and coatings growth in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa the BRICS countriesbut I did not realize that these countries have formed a trade alliance unlike anything else. BRICS is not a formal trading bloc, but rather a loose economic alliance not based on currency, politics or traditional trading guidelines.

Each of these countries has something the others want. To name a few, Brazil has land, oil and agriculture products; Russia, oil and gas; China, an enormous work force and the need for oil and gas; India has extensive IT knowledge and resources; and South Africa has precious metals and diamonds, and is the gateway to Africa.

C O M or euros, these countries have created barter agreements. The overall growth of filme parcialmente nublado skype coatings industry in Brazil this year should be 1. In an effort to foster economic tokobot ps2 s filme parcialmente nublado skype development, the Brazilian government has launched a housing program, Minha Casa Minha Vida 2, and has extended the IPI tax reduction. Among these factors, the most noteworthy are investments in housing and infrastructure, the amplification of segments related to oil exploration and distribution, the strengthening of the internal market and the growth of the middle class.

We hope our Portuguese filme parcialmente nublado skype will find this information helpful and informative, and that we will be able to provide further supplements like this in the future. Brenntag messi best goals a complete specialty and industrial product portfolio, technical assistance with product development, formulations and applications know-how, superior logistics with versatile blending and re-packaging capabilities, and last, but not least, commitment to quality and safety.

Change demands innovation and creativity. Brenntag Understands. Brenntag North America, Inc. However, most green chemical companies are filme parcialmente nublado skype large, existing chemical markets, so adoption of these products is limited less by market development issues than by the ability to feed extant markets at required levels of cost and performance. The CIEF has been a generous contributor of scholarships to polymer science students for more than a quarter of a century, including many who graduated from Southern Miss.

Gold Inks and Pastes Market, The report examines the market for gold inks and pastes in the electronics and solar industries. It discusses both the gold pastes used in traditional applications, such as wire bonding and brazing, and a new breed of ink-based gold nanoparticles. NanoMarkets estimates that the total volume of gold consumed by gold inks and pastes for electronics and PV applications will reach C O M represent the highest penetration level 5.

The special, fine and commodity chemical sectors are more nascent and will enjoy somewhat lower penetration rates during the forecast period. The three major themes driving the green chemistry movement forward are: For additional information about the report, Green Chemistry, visit, www. According to the report, the main new business opportunities voltando a sonhar filme gratis come mainly from novel applications using nano-inks.

One of these opportunities may come from printing a thin layer of gold nanoparticles on optical disks, such as CDs and DVDs, which could greatly increase the amount of information being stored. Gold nanorods, in particular, have been noted as a material that can help provide new technology strategies for optical information storage.

A printed layer of gold nanoparticles may also help to boost the efficiency of solar panels. In this context, NanoMarkets filme parcialmente nublado skype, printing has taken on a growing role in PV in recent years.

The report also notes that the market for gold inks and pastes will be driven not just by the rise of alternative energy sources but also by environmental regulation. For more information about this report, visit www. The new guide will be useful for quality, formula and process control, failure analysis, chemical identification, and compositional and raw material comparisons.

For acrylic, vinyl acrylic and styrene acrylic latex systems these water soluble highly effective surfactants offer: All rights Reserved. For additional information, visit www.

The new test standard contains significant updates and is considered the new global reference for testing centrifugal and vertical pumps. Less heat due to shorter required running time. Excellent for high or low speed and high or low viscosity. Supplied with hubs or mounting holes required to retrofit and upgrade present equipment. Pumping blades without teeth are available and are excellent for gentle blending and agitation.

AND www. The report, authored by Dr. Josef H. Jilek, contains country information, paint and coatings statistics, production capacity, export and import data, production ranges, and major coatings producers. Visit www. Augustine, FL. The event is an educational conference for everyone involved in the electrocoat business and for people interested in learning about electrocoating. We call it Greenability. Let us help you work through the formula for Greenability.

L www. Augustine, FL www. Protecting aqueous formulations such as paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants from microorganisms requires customized solutions. Our experts choose from a wide range of biocides and preservatives to develop the best protection system to meet your special needs.

The U. The other center is for products for the cosmetics industry. The innovation center for the coatings industry is to be completed at the auphonic google of In addition to serving as a single-source coatings supplier, PPG is providing on-site technical and product approval support, and in-plant training of paint-line operators through its Knowledge College service in coating application technologies.

The Atlas Point manufacturing site will now be able to manufacture lubricantquality esters, targeting growth in high-end lubricant applications. Food-grade esters for lubricant base fluids and additives Arkema Coating Resins delivers innovative products and targeted support that filme parcialmente nublado skype you to capitalize on amazing filme parcialmente nublado skype opportunities. Dow announced a percent increase in capacity for the production of 2-ethylhexyl acrylate at its Hahnville, LA, facility.

Dow has increased its propylene glycol capacity by an additional 10 kilotons per annum KTA at its Stade, Germany, plant. The Performance Monomers business also announced a percent increase in capacity for the production of glycidyl methacrylate at its Freeport, TX, facility. This waterborne paint binder is an innovative alkyd emulsion that helps produce top-quality gloss paint with application characteristics very close to those of solvent paint.

Ecology Coatings Nominated for U. Green Chemistry Challenge This program recognizes chemical technologies that incorporate the principles of green chemistry into their design, manufacture and use. Ecology Coatings was nominated based on its GRAS generally regarded as safe coatings, which reduce toxic chemicals contained in food packaging products.

The German Design Council selected the filme parcialmente nublado skype manufacturer as a winner of the Automotive Brand Contest, the first international brand and design competition for the automotive industry.

XFine has also been nominated for the German Design Award. Arinos is a leading chemical distributor in Brazil, providing both specialty and commodity chemicals as well as highvalue services. With the Z designed products, Troy continues its commitment to assist industry in addressing the need for performance products that are environmentally responsible and yet economically viable.

Contact your Troy Sales Representative for information on the Z-line of Troy performance additives or visit www. Wesley E. Margaret Dvorak has been appointed Product Development Specialist. Ryan Najmulski was hired filme parcialmente nublado skype the new Marketing Manager.

Sari Regional Sales Manager. For a demo visit www. They belong to a class of amino resins that are used as crosslinkers for thermoset coatings. MF resins co-react with polyester, alkyd, epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic resins to impart hardness, durability, chemical resistance and heat filme parcialmente nublado skype to many filme parcialmente nublado skype coatings.