Opus at the end of everything bandcamp

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opus at the end of everything bandcamp

The mine's walls remember everything – the voices of people, as well as horses. Or, perhaps, is this the beginning, or is it the end? Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality OPUS AETRENATUM is our motto and motive for action, we aspire to help works of art. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality Solar One, Nothing Is Real, Hardscrabble, Opus At The End Of Everything, and Eleven Ways to End the Pain This Is The End Of Everything Nothing Is Real, Hardscrabble, Opus At The End Of Everything, and 10 more., and.

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Bringing an enchanting collection of sounds together, this band are bringing a beautiful, fresh, new sound to the stages of Aotearoa. Their second album, First Sign Of Morning, was released in They are currently working on their third album, for release in The band have toured extensively all over the USA, Europe, and Australia, and are continually winning over new audiences. This is folk in Cuban heels.

Adam McGrath is a folk singer stationed wherever he lands. He travels the state highways and byways of New Zealand, Australia, Europe and parts beyond, slinging songs and offering up low rent barroom philosophy with his band of misfits and chancers, The Eastern. Performing haunting contemporary pharoahe monch post traumatic stress disorder sharebeast tunes steeped in time ramanand sagar ramayan episode 30 place and woven from her countless travels, Jess has cultivated an unique approach to New Zealand roots music, she has created something entirely her own, spellbinding and quintessentially kiwi.

Australian based Isaiah B Brunt has always known where his hearts lies since he first heard his father strum the ukulele, blow his harmonica and unleash on the lap steel. Named Sydney Blues Society Performer of the Year, Isaiah went on to perform in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee where he was one of the best dressed cats there and good enough musically to be one of the very few to be reviewed in the Memphis Daily News. Returning to the one and only Blue Smoke to deliver their signature explosive beats and feel-good vibe.

Get your tickets and prepare yourself for a joyful and juicy plate of strong, rich New Orleans fire. Blending RnB, soul, hip-hop, jazz and funk, it grooves deeply and pulsates with pounding bass and searing brass. Catchy vocals and chants draw the crowd into the party and the rolling, infectious sound is punctuated by the fierce crack of drums and percussion. The music has the soul and charisma of James Brown, mixed with the effortless swagger of Big Daddy Kane.

Trumpets, trombones, saxes, sousaphone, and percussion bring the ultimate Mardi Gras party to any venue or festival. Crowds line up for their monthly residency at popular Wellington venues Havana and The Rogue and Vagabond, and they also tour New Zealand regularly. Energy, entertainment, and musicianship of the highest quality: Blessed with a sincere integrity and emotional depth, she has released 14 studio albums, including her much loved signature song Calling All Angels.

Expect to be stimulated, entertained, temporarily worried and ultimately glad to be alive. Frank is a storyteller, songwriter, singer and guitarist. In that order. His rambling anecdotes aim to give the audience more of a connection with his songs.

A folk songwriter at his core, American roots music with hints of jazz, blues and swing very much shape his music. When he relocated to Wellington from Edinburgh with his partner and backing vocalist Kara Filbey, he formed The Frank Burkitt Band, with blues and country mandolin player Cameron Burnell and jazz double bassist James Geluk. This mix of styles and genres gives their show unique variety, alongside tight knit harmonies and well crafted arrangements.

Yes, they are quite ambitious and slightly unhinged. They will be releasing a new live EP to coincide with their touring adventures.

This will be their fourth return after their Prehistoric Rhythm album pre-release tour in Barry Saunders both solo and with The Warratahs has carved in stone his name in New Zealand music history.

Both acts will offer their performance in a bucket rattling endeavor to raise money for the chronically underfunded Lyttelton Seafarers Centre. Benji Sator is a seafarer from the Philippines.

He arrives in Lyttelton every 6 weeks on a container ship. The first thing Benji wants to do when babak cinta terakhir karaoke s arrives in port is call his wife Maria. He knows she and the kids will be at home at dinnertime, about 9pm NZ time. So, upon arrival, if our Centre is not open, he will head up to the library and stand in freezing wind and tell his wife he is fine and his daughter that he loves her, as his hands turn blue from the cold.

While in port, Benji likes to stock up on few personal items. Last month, he wanted to go to the city, so called a taxi. The Lyttelton Seafarers Centre is a place set up for Benji and his opus at the end of everything bandcamp workers. To provide assistance, amenities, care, support and most importantly a brief homelike respite. While it still only opens for three hours each evening, in the 3 years since, opus at the end of everything bandcamp have had over 10, visits from seafarers docking in Lyttelton.

Five nights a week, a volunteer opens the Centre, switches on the heat pump, and gives an inquiring seafarer our password so they can access our free wi-fi. The most common sound you hear in the Centre these nights is not the voices of the seamen, but the voices of their wives and children talking from overseas and laughing and chatting on Skype to a husband, a parent, a sibling.

The volunteers who work at the centre recognise seafarers, the poorly paid and often exploited international workforce who leave home and families to transport goods by ship to our shores.

A seafarer can be endangered from shipwreck, piracy, dangerous work, industrial accidents and exploitation by employment agents, officers and shipping companies.

Safety and fair wages are worldwide issues. International Ports are a highly profitable industry. Possibly this is because our ports are well managed? But more probably, it is because shipping companies are charged huge fees to tie up at NZ wharves, fees they can afford to pay, because they use cheap labour — from the Philippines, India, China, South Korea and other countries to crew their ships. Every year, thousands of poorly paid seafarers come to our shores on merchant ships to bring goods and much needed materials that help make the infra-structure of New Zealand better for all of us.

Yet we provide them little hospitality when they disembark from their boats. This is unlike passengers who come on cruise ships and spend millions of dollars in our shops.

They get the red carpet laid out before them, for their comfort and wellbeing. We have a different standard for the workers, the seafarers. Most ports have virtually nothing to offer by way of hospitality.

If one is, maybe it is open for only a few hours, while a vessel could be in port for up to a week. It covers almost every aspect of seafarer life and work on board ship, including the provision of shore-based welfare facilities for seafarers when in port. The Convention came into force in New Zealand in March At this point, none of this is happening in NZ.

Instead, voluntary groupings like the Apostleship of the Sea AoS and the Mission to Seafarers MtS are having sausage sizzles, dance nights and raffles to raise funding to try and keep centres open for seafarers when they call. Secondary students volunteer their evenings to help with money transfers, purchases of food items, organise internet access for seafarers and strum the occasional guitar.

It is long past time for City Councils, who own the ports and make millions of dollars from them annually, to step up and put some solid regular finance towards providing seafarers safe, hospitable and just conditions on shore.

This is an issue primarily about the decent treatment of seafarers. A matter of justice — and hospitality. There will be an outdoor food market in our riverside courtyard, craft stalls, fine food offerings and good home cooked music on the airwaves; both inside and out. This will be a great opportunity to grab a unique handcrafted Christmas pressie or or two whilst enjoying a leisurely time with family and friends. December sees Auckland born, Nashville based Tattletale Saints return home, performing 13 intimate acoustic duo concerts around opus at the end of everything bandcamp country in support enterprise manager sql server 2000 the release of two new singles.

This time in Music City USA has brought a new depth of artistry and polish to their performances and songwriting. New type magazine over dates to be announced, be sure to keep a close eye as the shows start to roll out. Somehow Ziggy continues to truly connect with his audience, despite the growing room sizes at every show. Opus at the end of everything bandcamp your night to be a musical journey of dancing, sing-a-longs, and unplugged favourites, with Ziggy having the crowd bouncing one moment to silently swaying the next.

The English language lyrics soften the distance and make for a strangely familiar exoticism. Captivating performance artist and singer songwriter, Chelsea Jade, returns to New Zealand this November for three shows to celebrate the release of her debut project, Personal Best.

With a focus on literate lyricism, Chelsea Jade harnesses an art school approach through her low impact, high drama vocal performance and lateral visual sensibilities.

In short, Chelsea immediately captivates. Born in Cape Town, South Africa and raised in New Zealand, she began as a dancer and gravitated towards music early on, falling in love with the conversation between the ballet pianist and her own movement. Eventually being caught between the high concept world of art school and a romance with the immediacy of pop music, Chelsea abandoned her studies in the middle of exams and fled to New York for a series of writing sessions with Justyn Pilbrow The Neighbourhood.

A fan-girl encounter with producer Dre Skull in a Tokyo elevator lead Chelsea to realize that the US was the pop mecca she had been dreaming of and opus at the end of everything bandcamp lateshe relocated to the east-side of Los Angeles.

From these sessions, Chelsea executive produced the full-length debut, Personal Best. This show has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Please contact info bluesmoke. K, Europe and Korea. A deceptively clever 60s garage rock song discussing an internal struggle with monogamy.

The Loneliest Girl was recorded by Chelsea between and in her home studio in West Auckland, New Zealand with production assistance from label-mate Jonathan Bree. It saw the emergence of the mysterious masked band.

Refined and classy — with no sweat or blood spilled, but plenty of hearts bruised and broken — the record is a subtle and sophisticated listen made by a master craftsman whose beating heart is laid bare for all to see just below the glossy surfaces. This five piece ensemble now congregate to showcase new original songs in intimate live settings across the country this November and December.

Starting as a series of jam sessions between old friends, the group of songsmiths has blossomed from an ad hoc hangout to full musical partnership over the last eighteen months. The opus at the end of everything bandcamp Ben Lemi was the last to join the group, and turned out to be the missing piece of the evolving jigsaw. These 5 musicians will be hitching their wagon and travelling the length and breadth of New Zealand for the very special Strange Caravan tour. This is a one off performance by psych-pop outfit Glass Vaults and their only headline Christchurch show of A rare chance to catch this force majeure of alternative art-pop in the garden city.

Since their conception inmerchants of bliss Glass Vaults have produced a stream of releases and transcendental live performances which have developed into a unique brand of psychedelic pop. During this time opus at the end of everything bandcamp have released opus at the end of everything bandcamp acclaimed LPs and three EPs, played to capacity crowds inside drained swimming pools and humid forests, toured throughout New Zealand, Australia, U.

A and taken up residence in New York while maintaining strong critical praise. With the release of SojournFlying Out and The New HappyMelodic Records the band has begun to peel away the hazy veneer to reveal precision crafted opus at the end of everything bandcamp songs with groove, immediacy and striking clarity. Iconic kiwi rock group, Elemeno P are excited to hit the road on their upcoming 7-date New Zealand Spring tour opus at the end of everything bandcamp their most extensive run of regional dates in over a decade!

Though his work was often derided and frequently misunderstood he toured relentlessly, playing to small audiences across the UK, mainland Europe and the United States.

In he formed a band with his wife, the American songwriter and musician Amy Rigby.

opus at the end of everything bandcamp