Anymemo apk s

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anymemo apk s

Advanced Spaced Repetition flashcard learning software for Android. - helloworld1/AnyMemo. Branch: master. New pull request. Find file. Clone or download. Download AnyMemo: Flash Card Study APK for Android (anymemo-flash- AnyMemo: Flash Card Study is a free and awesome Education. You are about to download AnyMemo: Flash Card Study Latest APK for Android, AnyMemo is an advanced spaced-repetition flash.

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LATEST TELUGU MOVIES SONGS MP3 Joshua Allen Holm - More about me. This app requires root to send the powerbutton event. Flashcards for Duolingo vocabulary. Our TOEFL flashcards are alsoculled to only so that you don't waste time learningunimportant vocabulary. Alllessons work offline as well.
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Flash Card Study Haowen Ning. AnyMemo is an advanced spaced-repetition flash card learningsoftware with rich functions. The app is free, open-sourced and Adsfree. Source code: Improved anymemo apk s algorithm from Mnemosyne, Supermemo,Anki. Simple and power saving interface with rich functions. Nohidden internet connection, No Ads! Import from StudyStack 7.

No widget and notification if installed onSD card Donation: You can buy pro version on the market or donatethrough paypal link in anymemo. Don't buy if you want more features! Paypal is recommended. Project Twitter: Myresponse time will be slow. Show More Visit website. Google Play Link.

Flash Card Study Version: Requires Android: Android 4. APK Signature: Anymemo apk s on: Android 6. Android 3. Haowen Ning Show More AnyUnlock 1. Works on Android 2. Does not work on Android 4. Please use volume keys instead It won't increase or decreasevolume, but it will beep. Your power button is broken or it is deterioring over time. Butyou have to user power button to turn on and off your phone. It isa big problem. AnyUnlock will save your anymemo apk s button.

It has twofunctions: Use any key to turn the device on by disable the defaultkeylock. It contains a simple lock screen to anymemo apk s the mistap. Press "back" key to unlock the phone. Use a home screen widget to turn off the phone. Very small. Do not keep the phone awake and do not consume considerable morebattery power. Open-sourced solution.

So it will replace the Lock widget and nolock. It is only tested on Nexus One. Please report if it is workingon other phones. To unisntall it, you have to anymemo apk s it first. Or it will notuninstall. Please disable it and enable it again to getit working. Can I use the Android's default lock screen and use any key tounlock? No, the default one will also lock all keys.

I have to disableit. It doesn't work after upgrade. What to do? Disable it and enable it again. Also you will need to remove andreinsert the widgets. I don't like that lock screen, how to disable it? In AnyUnlock, press menu key and go to "Settings', there you cancompletely disable the lock screen. I can't turn anymemo apk s with trackball on gingerbread, fix?

No, gingerbread locks the trackball so you can't turn it on. Phone calls, read phone state -- It will read phonestate to automatically unlock the phone in the phone call. Guarantee it won't steal your privacy info. AnyMemo Pro: For Donation Important information: The AnyMemo server will be down after I am working actively for a new server and website.

Youwill NOT be able to access anymemo. You willneed to update AnyMemo to Sorry for the inconvenience. AnyMemo is anadvanced spaced-repetition flash card learning software with richfunctions. The app is free, open-sourced and Ads free. Pro version phoenix service software softonic for donation ONLY! The features are the SAME as freeversion. Main features: Improved adaptive algorithm fromMnemosyne, Supermemo, Anki.

Simple and power saving interfacewith rich functions. No hidden internet connection, No Ads! Import from StudyStack7. My response timewill be slow. Black Live Wallpaper 1. Do you have SystemUI memory leak? Do you want to savememory by bypassing the wallpaper engine?

Black Live Wallpaper isfor your. It did completely nothing but displaying a black screen. It bypasses all the system wallpaper engine. So it consumes almostno system resource at all. To enable it, select BlackLiveWallpaperin the live wallpaper selection dialog. It is usually invoked whenyou long clicking the empty space in the home screen. This anymemo apk s no launcher icons. Bullet Proof 1.

Want to extend the destiny of the whole humanity for a few moreseconds? Want to accept the ultimate challenge of piloting your fto the space? Want to find the evil cats behind the ultimate schemeto kill you with innocent looking dots? This is the game that is sosimple and challenging that you can't stop playing. The levelingsystem is film jelangkung idws idm and rewarding. Google Play Gamesenabled for the leaderboard and achievements.

Replay yourgameplay. No additional permissions needed. ScreenOff [Root, SmartLock] 1.

anymemo apk s