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hollow body google

The extrusion blow molding of hollow bodies is carried out with a wall thickness program which in addition to varying the gap width over the entire perimeter of. WHAT'S NEW - New route and script for Chapter 02 to avoid blocked roads. - improved audio playback system. A cinematic walk for two people around the City. An apparatus is described for forging a hollow body (1), comprising forging tools (2) which are arranged in a centrically symmetrical way about a forging axis. The present invention relates to a catheter (1) for irrigation with irrigant hollow interior of the body organ, the catheter (1) comprises an irrigant for entry chamber . As one of methods for manufacturing a hollow body is at play, discloses the internal high pressure forming and described in the relevant literature (DE-Z " bands.

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PORQUE AINDA TE AMO S After all, any shape can be adopted for the resin sheathing body An advantage of a solid-body guitar is that a vibrating hollow body google can be allowed to sustain its vibration for a longer period of hollow body google since less of the string vibration energy is transferred into creating resonant vibration of the guitar body. By such a configuration, a light is reflected from the light reflecting powder and glitters beautifully, thereby further improving an aesthetic appreciation and a high quality sense for the synthetic resin hollow body A. In the case in which a core hollow molding body a is made of a thin glass and has a thin-walled flat bottom, a crack may easily occur during an over-molding of a resin sheathing body. JPHA en.
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Hollow body google In die cushion 14 and blank holder 16, for example wavy brake contours of the thermoforming technique known to hollow body google incorporated in order to ensure the substance a controlled braking of the inflowing plate movement. The forging of hollow bodies, in particular tubes, has over the known rolling process for producing such hollow bodies, among others the advantage that different outer shapes of the hollow body can be produced due to the comparatively simple exchange of the forging tools and the given in general ability of the tool adjustment. EPA1 en. This is achieved according to the invention with the characterizing features of Pa tentanspruches 1. The mandrel segments 8 according to FIGS. By means of the effectors 7 and the actuators 20 which can be operated independently thereof, the contour hollow body google the sleeve 6 can be varied.

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This application claims priority under 35 U. This invention relates to a system for forming hollow bodies, in particular, a blow molding system that can be configured as a vertical or a horizontal system. Blow molding systems generally fall into two categories. The first type of system includes a vertical mold parting plane called a vertical system. The second type includes a horizontal mold parting plane called a horizontal system.

Systems for forming a hollow body including mold halves fastened to hollow body google closing plates and vertical mold parting planes hollow body google often used to produce plastic bottles and technical molded parts such as parts having an oblong shape with open ends e.

Hollow body google length of the parts that can be produced by such systems, however, is limited by hollow body google parameters including the weight of the extruded tube which increases with increasing tube lengththe type hollow body google the plastic materials forming the tube, and the diameter of the tube, the hollow body google thickness, and other parameters.

For these reasons, seamless parts are often formed using a horizontal system for forming a hollow body. For example, U. In operation the molding portion and the closing plate are moved horizontally to a closing unit, where the mold is closed by lowering hollow body google upper horizontal closing plate that carries an upper molding portion. A second carriage is connected to a carriage carrying the lower closing plate.

The second carriage carries a second lower closing plate and thereon a second lower molding portion, which are moved in tandem with the first lower molding portion and its associated second closing unit. The first and second molding portions are alternately positioned under the die and their hollow body google closing unit. Although a horizontal system forms seamless, oblong molded parts of varying geometries, it is less economical than vertical systems for producing plastic hollow bodies of large diameters i.

The present invention is directed to a vertical system for forming a hollow body. The system comprises a machine frame with a tube extrusion device and at least one closing unit including first and second vertical closing plates situated below the die of the extrusion device.

The vertical plates are guided in opposite directions against one another such that they can be moved away from and toward one another on horizontal posts. The posts may be mounted on a carriage. The carriage can move the closing unit at a right angle to the direction of movement of the vertical closing plates, from a position under the tube extrusion die to a position under a blowing sleeve.

An object of the present invention is to extend the field of application of a hollow body, blow-molding system with a vertical mold parting plane also called a vertical mold partition by providing a vertical system capable of performing as both a vertical or horizontal system. This and other objects may be achieved using a system for forming a hollow body system in accordance with the invention. Generally, the embodiments of the present invention provide a blow molding system including a first vertical closing plate with an upper hollow body google closing plate cantilevered thereto.

The upper horizontal closing plate carries an upper mold half on its lower side. Similarly, a lower horizontal supporting plate can be cantilevered to the lower region of the second vertical closing plate.

At least one hydraulic cylinder is connected to the lower horizontal supporting plate through a lower horizontal closing plate, and is configured to vertically displace the lower horizontal supporting plate.

A lower mold half may be positioned on the upper side of the lower horizontal closing plate. In operation, when the vertical closing plates move toward each other, the edges of the upper horizontal closing plate and the lower horizontal closing plate interlock with the vertical closing plates.

The present invention reconfigures a hollow body blow molding system with vertical mold parting planes in such a jani kumpulainen vimeo er that it can also be used for producing oblong hollow bodies which require a horizontal mold parting plane.

As a result, hollow body google system of the current invention can also be configured to operate as a horizontal system. The hollow body mold-blowing system can be reconfigured depending on the type of hollow body sought to be produced i. One can thus omit purchasing a second blowing system which is designed exclusively for molds with a horizontal mold parting plane. The interlocking engagement between the upper horizontal closing plate and the second vertical closing plate and between the lower horizontal supporting plate and the first vertical closing plate can be achieved by pillaring the respective plates on guide bolts and complementary guide sleeves.

The lower horizontal closing plate is preferably guided by two guide posts and driven by a single hydraulic cylinder situated centrally under the lower horizontal closing plate.

The system can also comprise a tube insertion robot that receives an extruded tube also called a preform from the die and places the tube into the cavity of the lower blow mold half. The robot may include a single gripper operable to grasp the upper end of the tube. Alternatively, the robot can also be provided with two grippers, one configured to grasp the upper tube end the other configured to grasp the lower tube end.

In accordance with the further development of the invention, the tube insertion robot can also comprise squeeze pliers adapted to seal the upper tube end when removing the tube from the die. This prevents air, which can be injected during the extrusion of the tube to provide support, from escaping the tube and causing the tube to collapse during or after its insertion into the lower blow mold half.

When using a tube robot with only one gripper configured as squeeze pliers, the lower tube end can be sealed either by a second pair of squeeze pliers or by at least one clamping apparatus positioned along the lower mold half.

In order to form the tube in the hollow body google blow mold into the finished hollow body, a blowing apparatus can be arranged on one of the mold halves. Preferably the blowing apparatus is positioned on the lower mold half. The blowing apparatus may comprise a hollow needle hollow body google to a blowing air source that can be inserted into the tube. Alternatively, the blowing apparatus may comprise a blowing sleeve that calibrates and shapes one of the tube ends of the finished hollow body into an orifice or opening.

The blowing sleeve can also be fixed to one of the mold halves preferably the lower mold half. According to another embodiment of the present invention, the blowing sleeve can be adapted to move such that it ejects the finished hollow body from the blow mold when it is opened.

Optionally, known auxiliary apparatuses such as vacuum suction or grippers may be used in place of hollow body google in addition to the blow sleeve in order to remove the finished hollow body. A preferred embodiment of the present invention may include a second, movable closing unit comprising the same configuration as the first closing unit.

The second closing unit can be alternated with the first closing unit to be positioned under the tube extrusion die. The two closing units moved in tandem in a reciprocating fashion from hollow body google position under the die, where hollow body google tube is placed into the lower mold half, to another position on the one or the other side of the die, where the tube is blown into the finished hollow born ruffians needle mp3, cooled, and ejected from the mold halves.

Preferably, hollow body google tube extrusion device is adapted to raise and lower. When using the system in conjunction with molds having a vertical mold parting plane i. When using the system with molds having a horizontal mold parting plane, the height of the die orifice depends on the length of the tube or hollow body google to be extruded i.

In addition, the orientation of the tube extrusion device can be selectively positioned horizontal to or parallel to the direction of movement of the closing plates. Like reference numerals have been used to identify like elements throughout this disclosure. As shown, the system includes a machine frame 1on which is situated a tube extrusion device 4 with a die 5. The extrusion device can be raised and lowered hydraulically, or by using spindles 23. A closing unit 6situated below the die, comprises a first or inner closing plate 7 and a second or outer closing plate 8.

A hydraulic cylinder 11 can move the closing plates 78 toward and away from each other along horizontal posts 9 The posts 910 and the cylinder 11 are mounted on a carriage 12 driven by a carriage cylinder not shown along two posts 1314 at a right angle to the movement of the closing plates 78from a position beneath the die 5 to a position under a conventional blowing sleeve A first blow mold half a is fastened with the first closing plate 7and a second blow mold half b is fastened to the second closing plate 8.

After the extruding, a tube or preform of suitable length from the die 5 into the opened mold halves a, b, the mold is closed by the hydraulic cylinder The closing unit 6 is then moved transversely by the carriage 12 from its position beneath the die 5 to a position beneath the blowing sleeve After blowing out the hollow body and allowing the body to cool, the hydraulic cylinder 11 opens the mold and the hollow body e.

In this system, after the removal of the blow mold halves a, b seen in FIGS. Similarly, to the lower region of the second outer closing plate 8a horizontal supporting plate 21 is fastened in a cantilevered manner. The upper horizontal closing plate 20 comprises guide pins 20 a at its outer edge facing the vertical closing plate 8 and the vertical hollow body google closing plate 8 is provided with corresponding guide bushings 8 a.

Similarly, the horizontal supporting plate 21 comprises guide pins 21 a and the vertical inner closing plate 7 comprises guide bushings 7 a. A hydraulic cylinder 22 is fastened beneath the supporting plate 21 proximate the supporting plate center.

A piston rod 22 a penetrates the supporting plate 21terminating beneath a lower horizontal closing plate 23 positioned using guide posts With this configuration, the hydraulic cylinder 22 may raise and lower the supporting plate An upper mold half 30 a is fastened to the lower side of the upper horizontal closing plate Hollow body google corresponding lower mold half 30 hollow body google is screwed onto the upper side of the lower horizontal closing plate The parts 202123 are dimensioned to enable their contact.

Specifically, their width is dimensioned in the direction of movement of the vertical closing plates 78 such that the lower mold half 30 hollow body google can be brought into the position shown in FIG. If required, the guide pins 20 a21 a can be received in their plates in an extendable and retractable manner. Referring to FIG. The gripper may be configured as squeeze pliers 42 with a pair of moveable pincers. In the meantime, the hydraulic cylinder 22 lifts the lower blow mold half hollow body google b to the insertion position shown in FIG.

Preferably the lower blow mold half 30 b is at the same height relative to the upper mold half 30 a so that the outer vertical closing plate does not obstruct the insertion movement of the robot arm The lower mold half 30 bmoreover, may be supported by the closing unit 6which can be selectively displaced by a carriage After the insertion of the tube 50 into the cavity of the lower mold half 30 bhollow body google hydraulic cylinder 22 lowers the lower mold half 30 b again.

The hydraulic cylinder 11 may then move the vertical closing plates 78 to the position illustrated in FIG. Thereafter the hydraulic cylinder 22 lifts the lower mold half 30 b until it rests on the upper mold half 30 a FIG. The tube is blown into the finished hollow body. After the finished hollow body cools directx sdk for games is ejected from the mold, the next cycle starts. Specifically referring to FIG.

At its one end, the mold half 30 b comprises a tube clamp 66 actuated by a working cylinder The mold hollow body google FIG. A working cylinder 62 attached to the other end of the mold half 30 b hollow body google be used to move a hollow needle 63 into the cavity When the mold is closed, the hollow needle 63 is inserted into the tube Compressed air supplied via a line 65 is injected into the tube 50causing it to blow up inflate and take the shape of the finished hollow body.

The parts attached to the lower mold half 30 billustrated in FIGS. They can be replaced by other apparatuses which are known from the state of the art. In contrast to the FIGS. As shown in FIG. The arrangement is situated hollow body google posts 910 that support the outer vertical closing plate.

The end on the left side of the cavity 64 is guided downward out of the mold half with a shape generally similar to that illustrated in FIG. At this end, the mold half 30 b is divided by a vertical plane extending through the cavity. A hydraulic cylinder 71 is operable to displace the yoke 70 along guide rods from the illustrated opened position to a closed position.

hollow body google