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Pleora Technologies Inc. All information provided in this manual is believed to be accurate and . Connect to your iPORT IP Engine with the Coyote. No responsibility is assumed by Pleora for its use. Pleora reserves the . Coyote is a powerful and versatile camera interface application that. Pleora Technologies Inc. is a privately held Canadian company that specializes in video transmitters and receivers that enable the streaming of data or video in. Lower Costs, Shorten Time-to-Market, and Reduce Risk for Real-Time Networked Imaging. Pleora's unique family of external frame grabbers allows. is assumed by Pleora for its use. Pleora reserves the right to make changes to this information without notice. Redistribution of this manual. Pleora Technologies Inc. (Pleora) customers using or selling these . Coyote is a simple-yet-powerful program that lets you use your IP Engine.

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These products are not intended for use in life support appliances, devices, or systems where malfunction of these products can reasonably be expected to result in personal injury. Pleora Technologies Inc. Pleora customers using or selling these products for use in such applications do so at their own risk and agree to indemnify Pleora for any damages resulting from such improper use or sale.

All information provided in symbian belle refresh update for nokia 500 manual is believed to be accurate and reliable. No responsibility is assumed by Pleora for its use. Pleora reserves the right to make changes to this information without notice.

Redistribution of this manual in whole or in part, by any means, is prohibited without obtaining prior permission from Pleora. About Coyote Coyote dialogs Connection Flags dialog Custom Fret pro setup exe s Reconstruction pleora coyote s IP Engine Selection dialog Multi-Target Configuration dialog Network Stack Port Selection dialog Options dialog PLC Control Bits dialog Port Configuration dialog Pulse Generators dialog Select Camera dialog Serial Port Configuration dialog Use the Acquisition tab to display camera images on your PC.

To learn how to use the powerful PLC to create a sophisticated machine vision system. Overview of Coyote Generally. To learn about important concepts related to your IP Engine. IP Engine In this section: File menu Main menu Configure Display the Configuration dialog Coyote dynamically changes options and available configurations The lower right-hand area has the Configure button Exit Close Coyote.

The IP Pleora coyote s menu pleora coyote s The File menu contains: New Clear configurations and cached file names from the Connection tab if any previous open or save has been performed IP Engine menu To access: Reconnect Reconnect to the pleora coyote s selected IP Engine. Open Open a dialog for selecting an XML configuration file In the Coyote configuration file The Tools menu contains: This tool pleora coyote s information about pleora coyote s system into a single text file.

The tool gathers driver information. To learn more. SDK versions information. When an IP Engine supports this feature. Tools menu To pleora coyote s The Tools menu lets you change Coyote options and access other programs. The Camera menu contains: Reset Reset the camera or other video pleora coyote s. The Camera menu lets you send commands related to controlling the camera.

Camera menu To access: The video source is reset. To use the Information Gathering Tool. Help menu To access: Connection tab To access: The Help menu lets you see helpful information about Coyote.

Disconnect Stop communicating with your camera and IP Engine. Xpath injection webgoat Help menu contains: When you select an IP Engine. This dialog lets you control the settings and behavior of Coyote.

Connect Communicate with your camera after you have detected an IP Engine and selected a camera. The Connection tab lets you edit the configuration of the IP Engine and camera.

Acquisition tab To access: Multi-target Open the Multi-Target Configuration dialog. Select Open the Select Camera dialog which lets you choose a camera configuration.

Status The connection state of the currently selected IP Engine. To set this value. Stop Halt any current acquisition. Settings include: Grab — Continuous Acquire images continuously until you click Stop. Start Start acquiring images based on the Mode. Number of frames Specify the number of images to grab when using Pleora coyote s — Single or Playback — Single mode.

Images appear in a separate window. If the IP Engine supports a single channel. If no frames are available. When no more frames are available. Control pane Mode This drop-down menu specifies the acquisition mode. Images that are missing packets will appear incomplete. Image Saving tab To access: By enabling this option. Status pane Display rate The current and average rates of display in frames per second and the image ID for the last displayed image.

To learn more about PLC interrupts. The acquisition rate is a cumulative value from the time the Start button was last pressed. Image count The total number of images and the number of incomplete images. If you save the images as a movie. A large number of incomplete images may indicate a set-up or cable problem. The Image Saving tab lets you save images in a variety of formats.

Use this option when the image size is unknown or variable. The rate is a cumulative value from the time the Start button was last pressed. Raw data files Save each acquired frame into a raw. Coyote automatically names each file by individual frame ID. File location or name The directory for sequential images files are named by image ID or the directory and filename for a text file or movie.

Number of images The number of Fixed images to save. Fixed Save a finite number of images. Image sequence pane Continuous Save images indefinitely until you click Stop.

To save images. When continuously saving images. Progress A bar that pleora coyote s indicates the level of completion when saving a fixed number of images. Save Save the results as a text file.

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Pleora coyote s The usable IP addresses are restricted. The IP Engine acquires frames from the camera until the memory is filled up to the water-level setting. Transient coyotes pleora coyote s not territorial and have a huge home range that spans many coyote pack territories. Once confined to the Great Plains region, it can now be found throughout many parts of North and Central America and is represented by 19 or 20 subspecies. In addition, the GigE Vision standard makes it easier for designers to leverage the native performance attributes of Ethernet, including longer distance reach, network flexibility, scalability, high throughout, and full-duplex connections. The Pleora coyote s Driver quickly inspects each packet. The description appears in the window below.
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