Pt show grants firefox

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pt show grants firefox

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Contribuir agora. New Tab Override brings back the ability to change the page which is shown when opening a new tab. Since Firefox 41 it's no longer possible to customize the page shown in a new tab via changing the preference browser.

Because of the fact that hijackers abused the preference pt show grants firefox the past, Mozilla decided to remove it. Fortunately, by removing it, Mozilla also introduced a new API to bring this functionality back to life as an add-on.

This add-on allows the user to choose a certain page in a new tab. New Tab Override, today with more thanuserswas the first add-on providing this functionality and is therefore the original. This makes New Tab Override compatible with Firefox 57 and later.

Not all options of the previous version are currently available as WebExtension. As soon as Mozilla implements support for missing functionalities in Firefox, they will be integrated in a future update of New Tab Override. Features change the new tab page to whatever web accesible URL you like use your current home page as new tab page use any color as background color for the pt show grants firefox tab page store a local HTML file in the extension's storage and use the content as new tab content get the latest news about Mozilla as new tab page only in German language set the focus either to the address bar or to the web page for example Google search field beautiful settings UI to make it easy to customize your new tab experience automatically prepend http: It is also possible to open the settings interface via entering newtab settings in the address bar or via the menu entry in the tools menu.

Planned features There are already some new features planned for the future. Please suggest your feature requests in the issues tracker. Languages The extension is currently available in the following languages: Chinese, Simplified Thanks, tiansh and Mozilla commmunity! Spanish Thanks, MissingUser and Mozilla commmunity!

Italian Zoner photo studio professional portable hard, Mozilla commmunity! Dutch Thanks, Tonnes! Brazilian Portuguese Thanks, Mozilla commmunity! Swedish Thanks, Sopor-! Polish Thanks, WaldiPL!

Upper Sorbian Thanks, milupo! Lower Sorbian Thanks, milupo! Permissions New Tab Override needs several permissions to work properly. Some permissions are mandatory, some are optional. To give you full transparency this overview also lists "silent" permissions. There is no way to prevent this without this permission. New Tab Override asks you at runtime once one of these permissions is needed: If enabled, New Tab Override reads the pt show grants firefox of www.

Without this permission New Tab Override does not know your home page and you have to manually set your home page pt show grants firefox new tab page. Compatibility The extension requires at least Firefox Pt show grants firefox is no support for older versions of Firefox. Reportar este extra por abuso.

Este extra pode:

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PIETRAROSSA MONFALCONE GORIZIA O You need a Passphrase to protect your secret key. Brazilian Portuguese Thanks, Mozilla commmunity! For example, you want to avoid requesting unnecessary permissions and may want to provide information about why you are requesting permissions in your extension's pt show grants firefox description. Languages The extension is currently available in the following languages: You can also optionally pass a specific encrypted config as the first argument: See the original article here.

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