Rcp track designer

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rcp track designer

Couple that with the fact that they're changing the track layout almost weekly Limited layout options: The shape of RCP tiles is pre-defined. Micro and Mini Scales - **RCP Track material? Although you can make a satisfactory layout with the mats and achieve a useable surface the. RCP Track Editor The original free RCP track design program by HaCo. ZRound RCP Track Designer Program Free shareware RCP track designer program. I know there has got to be some folks here that run their minis and micros on RCP (or similar) tracks at home or in designated areas with friends.

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RCP Track Build

Rcp track designer navigation. Remember me. This web site requires that javascript be enabled. Click here for instructions. ZRound Track Designer English. Sun Jun 04 Options Email Print. Main Admin. Rcp track designer Designer is yet another rcp like track designer. This is a simple but powerful, quick and robust tool which offers what you need while you are drawing a track design.

It's designed for 20" rcp standard tiles and kits. It offers these features: Multidocument application. You can have open as many tracks open as your computer can. Track size. You can allways change the track width and length. Moreover any rcp track designer or column may be removed or inserted into the cursor position by using the context menu right mouse button Pen mode drawing.

While mouse button is pressed the current tile will be drawn over de cursor position "Intelillent" draw. When you change the drawing direction automatically will be chosen the curve and next straight tile orientation Easy to choose tile "pen". You can click on any tile on the right panel. Kits are availables for drawing grouped or tile by tile.

Easy tile rotation. You can click on any tile to rotate it 90 degrees. You can click on the pen before drawing for rotating it also Stock control. From the Edit menu you can add tile count for kits Erase mode. The tile under the cursor is erased when the click button is pressed. You can draw free hand path to calculate the estimate track length. Once you have the selection you can move it by draggin it over the new position, then release the mouse button Exports track image to clipboard and it can be saved to.

rcp track designer