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Hungary Hungarian: The territory of modern Hungary was for centuries inhabited by a succession of peoples, including CeltsRomans honfoglalo yahoo, Germanic tribesHunsWest Slavs and the Avars. By the 12th century, Hungary became a regional power, reaching its cultural and political height in the 15th century.

It came under Habsburg rule at the turn of the 18th century, and later joined Austria to form the Austro—Hungarian Empirea major European power.

In the 21st century, Hungary is a middle power [30] [31] and has the world's 57th largest economy by nominal GDPas well halloween straight out of hell blog software the 58th largest by PPPout of countries measured by IMF.

As a substantial actor in honfoglalo yahoo industrial and technological sectors, [32] it is the world's 35th largest exporter honfoglalo yahoo 34th largest importer of goods. Hungary is an OECD high-income economy with a very high standard of living.

Honfoglalo yahoo joined the European Union in and has been part of the Schengen Area since The "H" in the name of Hungary and Latin Hungaria is most likely due to early founded historical associations with the Hunswho had settled Hungary prior to the Avars. Honfoglalo yahoo was the collective name for the tribes who later joined the Bulgar tribal confederacy that ruled the eastern parts of Hungary after the Avars.

The word magyar is taken from the name of one of honfoglalo yahoo seven major semi-nomadic Hungarian tribes, magyeri. From 9 BC to the end of the honfoglalo yahoo century, Pannonia was part of the Roman Empire, located within honfoglalo yahoo of later Hungary's territory.

Around AD 41—54, a strong cavalry unit created the settlement of Aquincum and a Roman legion of 6, men was stationed here by AD A civil city grew gradually in the neighbourhood of the military settlement and in AD Aquincum became the focal point of the commercial life of this area and the capital city of the province of Pannonia Inferior.

As a federation of united tribes, Hungary was established insome 50 years after the division of the Carolingian Empire at the Treaty of Verdun inbefore the unification of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

Initially, the rising Principality of Hungary "Western Tourkia" in medieval Greek sources [59] was a honfoglalo yahoo consisting of a semi-nomadic people.

It accomplished an enormous transformation into a Christian realm during the 10th century. This state was well-functioning and the nation's military power allowed the Hungarians to conduct successful fierce campaigns and raids from Constantinople to as far as today's Spain. The year marked the date honfoglalo yahoo the ruling prince Hungarian: ByStephen consolidated his power, and started sweeping reforms to convert Hungary into a Western feudal state.

The country switched to using the Latin languageand until as late asLatin remained the official language of Hungary. Around this time, Hungary began to become a powerful kingdom. This exceeded the income of the French king estimated at 17 tonnes and was double the receipts of honfoglalo yahoo English Crown. Andrew II issued the Diploma Andreanum which secured the special privileges of the Transylvanian Saxons and is considered the first Autonomy law in the world.

His Golden Bull of was the first constitution in Continental Europe. The lesser nobles also began to present Andrew with grievances, a practice that evolved into the institution of the parliament parlamentum publicum. In —, the kingdom honfoglalo yahoo a major blow with the Mongol Tatar invasion. Up to half of Hungary's then population of 2, were victims of the invasion.

The Mongols returned to Hungary inbut the newly built stone-castle systems and new tactics using a higher proportion of heavily armed knights honfoglalo yahoo them. As with later invasions, it was repelled handily, the Mongols losing much of their invading force.

After King Louis died without a male heir, the country was stabilized only when Sigismund of Luxembourg — succeeded to the throne, who in also became Holy Roman Emperor. The first Hungarian Bible translation was completed in For half a year inthere was an antifeudal and anticlerical peasant revolt in Transylvaniathe Budai Nagy Antal Revolthonfoglalo yahoo was honfoglalo yahoo influenced by Hussite ideas.

From honfoglalo yahoo small noble family in Transylvania, John Hunyadi grew to honfoglalo yahoo one of the country's most powerful lords, thanks to his outstanding capabilities as a mercenary commander. He was elected governor then regent. He was a successful crusader against the Ottoman Turks, one of his greatest victories being the Siege of Belgrade in His election was the first time that a member of the nobility mounted to the Hungarian royal throne without dynastic background.

He was a successful military leader and an enlightened patron of the arts and learning. Honfoglalo yahoo serfs and common people considered him gold miner game for nokia e63 not charging just ruler because he protected them from excessive demands from and other abuses by the magnates.

Matthias' mercenary standing army, the Black Army of Honfoglalo yahoowas an unusually honfoglalo yahoo army for its time, and it conquered parts of Austria, Honfoglalo yahoo and parts of Bohemia. King Matthias died without lawful sons, and the Hungarian magnates procured the accession of the Pole Vladislaus II —supposedly because of his weak influence on Hungarian aristocracy. The resulting degradation of order paved the way for Ottoman pre-eminence. The early appearance of Protestantism further worsened internal relations in the country.

With the conquest of Buda honfoglalo yahoo the Turks inHungary was divided into three parts and remained so until the end of the 17th century. The north-western part, termed as Royal Hungarywas annexed by the Habsburgs who ruled as Kings of Hungary. The eastern part of the kingdom became independent as the Principality of Transylvaniaunder Ottoman and later Habsburg suzerainty. The remaining central area, including the capital Buda, was known as the Pashalik of Buda. The vast majority of the seventeen and nineteen thousand Ottoman soldiers in service in the Ottoman fortresses in the territory of Hungary were Orthodox and Muslim Balkan Slavs rather than ethnic Turkish people.

After some more crushing defeats of the Ottomans in the next few years, the entire Kingdom of Hungary was removed from Ottoman rule by The last raid into Hungary by the Ottoman vassals Tatars from Crimea took place in The ethnic composition of Hungary was fundamentally changed as a consequence of the prolonged warfare with the Turks. A large part of the country became devastated, population growth was stunted, and many smaller settlements perished.

The uprisings lasted for years. During the Napoleonic Wars and afterwards, the Hungarian Diet had not convened for decades. The Hungarian Parliament was reconvened in to handle financial needs.

A liberal party emerged and focused on providing for the peasantry. Lajos Kossuth — a famous journalist at that time — emerged as leader of the honfoglalo yahoo gentry in the Parliament. A remarkable upswing started as the nation concentrated its forces on modernization honfoglalo yahoo though the Habsburg monarchs obstructed all important liberal laws relating to civil and political rights and economic reforms.

On 15 Marchmass demonstrations in Pest and Buda enabled Hungarian reformists to push through a list of 12 demands. The Habsburg Ruler and his advisors skillfully manipulated the Croatian, Serbian and Romanian peasantry, led by priests and officers firmly loyal to the Habsburgs, and induced them to rebel against the Hungarian government, though the Hungarians were supported by the vast majority of honfoglalo yahoo Slovak, German and Rusyn nationalities and by all the Jews of the kingdom, as well as by a large number of Polish, Honfoglalo yahoo and Italian volunteers.

Lajos Kossuth escaped into exile. Because of external and internal problems, reforms seemed inevitable and major military defeats of Austria forced the Honfoglalo yahoo to negotiate the Austro-Hungarian Compromise ofby which the dual Monarchy of Austria—Hungary was formed. This Empire had the second largest area in Europe after the Russian Empireand it was the third most populous after Russia and the German Empire. The two realms were governed separately by two parliaments black cat image two capital cities, with a common monarch and common external and military policies.

Economically, the empire was a customs union. The era witnessed impressive economic development. The formerly backward Hungarian economy became relatively modern and industrialized by the turn of the 20th century, although agriculture remained dominant until Honfoglalo yahoo of the state institutions and the modern administrative system of Honfoglalo yahoo were established during this period.

The troops raised in the Kingdom of Hungary spent little time defending the actual territory of Hungary, with the exceptions of the Brusilov Offensive in Juneand a few months later, when the Romanian army made an attack into Transylvania, [90] both of which were repelled.

In comparison, of the total army, Hungary's loss ratio was more than any other nations of Austria-Hungary. The Central Powers conquered Serbia. Romania declared war. With great difficulty, the Central powers stopped and repelled the attacks of the Russian Empire. The Eastern front of the Allied Entente Powers completely collapsed. The Austro-Hungarian Empire then withdrew from all defeated countries.

Despite great Eastern successes, Germany suffered complete defeat on the more important Western front. Bythe economic situation had deteriorated strikes in factories were organized by leftist and pacifist movements honfoglalo yahoo uprisings in the army had a320 family immersion music commonplace. In the capital cities, the Austrian and Hungarian leftist liberal movements the maverick parties and their leaders supported the separatism of ethnic minorities.

Austria-Hungary signed a general armistice in Padua on 3 November The Little Entente honfoglalo yahoo, sensing an opportunity, invaded the country from three sides—Romania invaded TransylvaniaCzechoslovakia annexed Upper Hungary today's Slovakiaand a joint Serb - French coalition annexed Vojvodina and other southern regions. Despite some successes on the Czechoslovak front, Kun's forces were ultimately unable to resist the Romanian invasion; by AugustHonfoglalo yahoo troops occupied Budapest and ousted Kun.

In Januaryparliamentary elections were held and Horthy was proclaimed Regent of the reestablished Kingdom of Hungaryinaugurating the so-called "Horthy era" Horthy-kor. The new government worked quickly to normalize foreign relations while turning a blind eye to a White Terror that swept through the countryside; extrajudicial killings of suspected communists and Jews lasted well into On June 4 of that year, the Treaty of Trianon established new borders for Hungary.

Though the revision of the Treaty quickly rose to the top of the national political agenda, the Horthy government was not willing to resort to military intervention to do so. The initial years of the Horthy regime were occupied by putsch attempts by Charles IVthe Austro-Hungarian pretender ; continued suppression of communists; and honfoglalo yahoo migration crisis triggered by honfoglalo yahoo Trianon territorial changes.

Though free elections continued, Horthy's personality, and those of his personally selected prime ministers, dominated the political scene. The government's actions continued to drift right with the passage of antisemitic laws and, due to the continued isolation of the Little Entente, economic and then political gravitation toward Italy and Germany.

Horthy's nationalist agenda reached its apogee in andwhen the Nazis rewarded Hungary's staunchly pro-Germany foreign policy in the First and Second Vienna Awardsrespectively, peacefully restoring ethnic-Hungarian-majority areas lost after Trianon. InHungary regained further territory from Czechoslovakia through force. Hungary formally joined the Axis Powers on 20 Novemberand inparticipated in the invasion of Yugoslaviagaining some of its former territories in the south.

Hungarian troops fought on the Eastern Front for two years. Despite some early successes[94] the Hungarian government began seeking a secret peace pact with the Allies after the Second Army suffered catastrophic losses at the River Don in January Learning of the planned defection, German troops occupied Hungary on 19 March to guarantee Horthy's compliance. By Octoberthe Soviets had reached the river Tisza, and despite some lossessucceeded in encircling and besieging Budapest in December.

After German occupation, Hungary participated in the Holocaust. Nearly all of them were murdered. In addition momente vesele cu puiu calinescu the overHungarian Jews killed, [] as many as[] [] other Hungarians were raped, murdered and executed or deported for slave labor by Czechoslovaks, [] [] [] [] [] [] Soviet Red Army troops, honfoglalo yahoo [] [] and Yugoslavs.

On 13 FebruaryBudapest surrendered; by April, German troops left the country under Soviet military occupation.

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