Intel dxsetup.exe

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intel dxsetup.exe

Some Intel® 10 Gigabit Network Adapters and Connections support SFP+ pluggable optical is a setup utility used for installing Intel PROSet. is the preferred installation method. You can use it to install the Windows base drivers and Intel® PROSet for Windows* Device Manager. This download installs base drivers, Intel® PROSet for Windows Device . Log in or click on link to see number of positives; PROWinxexe (ca). NOTE: Intel PROSet can be installed with or Intel recommends using detects the. Refer to Microsoft's web site for the most current information on command line options. intel dxsetup.exe

Forum Rules. Help Register Login. Direct Support. Latest Threads. Results 1 to 7 of 7. Installing Intel driver EXE using the appropriate command-line switches. I want to push out an updated Intel NIC driver to a few labs which have already been imaged.

I don't want to completely re-image and Intel dxsetup.exe don't want to intel dxsetup.exe to setup anything else to be able to do it so I thought can I just install the driver using appropriate command line switches so the lab machines will pick up a new driver and install it.

I'm trying to test it on one machine now, but I keep getting errors when trying to run it. So can anyone point me in the right direction for installing an. Actually just getting it to intel dxsetup.exe on 1 machine would be good.

I actually already tried creating an MSI for it as I want to change some of the advanced settings on it, but when I try to run it, although it looks like it was successful the driver version doesn't change. Last edited 9th July at There's an MSI already in the folder structure if you unzip the Intel driver install executable.

If you unzip it, it'll be found in: I've had a play around with the MSI now but it intel dxsetup.exe up with an error when trying to run it manually. However I have got it working via a command line intel dxsetup.exe. The question is, how do I deploy it with a command line install so I can install it remotely? Last edited 10th July at If I try and add it to GPO I get an error that it shin tenipuri ova 1 not valid but if I run the command file with appropriate switches it installs ok.

That's why I was looking to install it from the command line but I need to use DxSetup. Can psExec do that or does it need to run with msiexec only? Intel dxsetup.exe my above example I'm running the msiexec program on the remote PC from my console. Thanks to chazzy from: For some reason, whatever flavor of instal I've tried it never seems to work I've had either errors with access denied on the shares or alternatively it says it installs and all the logs show it installed but for whatever reason it doesn't update the driver properly.

It's not exactly the way I wanted to do it, but it will allow me to update the driver until all machines get re-imagined in the next free slot. Anyone use intel dxsetup.exe Bromcom system? By tarquel in forum MIS Systems.

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