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GOOGLE the name!! Burga.. #NbaMob #changintaxbrackets Burga X 3mo # Betterbelieveit #THIDYB #V3ondaway • Spendin a check on da phone. **BURGA** **THIDYB**MIX MUSIC by Djg Mix on SoundCloud. Djg Mix · djgmix · Visit Djg Mix on SoundCloud Haiti, I Miss You, I Missed, Music Mix. Burga - Intro V3 T.H.I.D.Y.B (Official CTB Mixtape). Add a comment. Burga Ft. Beema - Text Messages V3 - THIDYB - Official Mixtape. Say My Name Say my name!!!! I grew up on burga I remember them old days comin up #UGS.. s/o Melbourne FL my hometown n the whole MT$ camp we up. Single Like Amf · V3 T.H.I.D.Y.B. 1. $ 2. Flip Phone · Real - Realize Everybody Ain't Loyal. 1. $ 3. Loose Leaves · Keep That Same Energy.

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Ah O rudebwoy spirit florida jhollaputinwork thidyb google spirits valentines day gift for him thidyb google. Repost from jhollaputinwork - Tally it was all love we put in work and got lit lol we work hard play hard!!! We pulling up on ya for ya B Day! Promo content OTW!! Tally it was all love we thidyb google in work and got lit lol thidyb google work hard play hard!!!

On set Putting in work V3 is out now!!! Oh yeah keep ya hard copy stashes cuz it will get stolen lol Just wrapped up another video burga video! One of my favorite records off V3 "Too Short. I'm on my Hype Williams ish thidyb google. When you do what you love its never work.

Follow them. I made it to see another Birthday!!! I've come a long way, life aint easy but I'm built for it. He still working on me and I got a lot of work to do. Never stop learning. And major salute to all who genuinely rock with me I appreciate. Put in work! Good Afternoon guys! Hope everyone had a good weekend!! Always rememeber energy is never lost it only travels So keep negative people out ya game room! Keep ya dreams goals to yourself and the people who love you and really want to see you win Negative people really be upset with themselves and have yet to identify they need to fix themselves We just two young cats from Florida living out our dreams thidyb google.

The independent mindset is how thidyb google came up so we never stress a deal for what? We will keep working and building the brand and a business model thidyb google will be substantial for years to thidyb google. We thidyb google keep working and putting on for the state we appreciate all the fans and supporters!!

Time is not money you can alway's get money back, but you can't get time back So don't let people waist your time if don't make sense, then it don't make dollars ya see mi!!!

Yall keep grinding No one will do for you, like you would thidyb google for you. Never give up on yourself just keep going I say Buckwheat you dont got a cup in ya hand???

Difusora baixaki musicas s say "aint trying I aint trying to lose my job bruh lol!! Aint no telling what would come out my mouth on air lol on that lic lol lol! Its Monday and Happy Mermorial Day but the bills dont stop coming!! He has been consistant throughout the years he paid his dues. Yall lay round for the "Bad Luck Video. Link in the bio nbammg saymyname burga thankya dopework putinwork 1Florida indielife itunes googleplay amazon tidal spootify burg studio jhollaputinwork omgkidfreah weappreciatethesupport.

I can only be me My pops always told me "Mike ya must mek sure you thidyb google focus on being great nothing less ya hear mi, be betta dan me and nuh let nobody tell ya cant do sumting ya cant never give up and must keep faith life nuh easy nuh ya knuh Plus he still working on me Goood Mawnin Yall! Listen life is thidyb google short to be stressing over fake friends and ungrateful peoeple.

People who are for you will show you And he was on stage turnt just gigalating all over place then ole girl gave him a dance livecycle designer es3 music ya couldnt tell him nothing lol.

Good Morntin Gotta clear ya head sometimes, gotta thank him, gotta be grateful, I got to wake up and see another day Everything aint sweet in life I go throught it just like the next person it just how we deal with it.

Sorry that my jam right there. But frfr yall get to the money thidyb google he will never put nothing on you that you can't handle All we known is Put In Work I can't even sleep somtimes my mind stay running on success and being great and helping others be great. Sucess is not built over night build your brand for success dont cut corners.

Now go be YOU!! On your way to the top people will fall off look at ya crazy and thidyb google folk cant wait to see you fall. The devil will throw all types of things your way but its all a test have to stay thidyb google on the wnd goal and stay prayed up. I'm tested on a regular basis, but I know he is preparing me for greatness he will never put nothing on you that you cant handle.

I just let him take the wheel whats for me is already written What happen I was into you, what happen to us girl GM, Good people bring the best out of people. You got several type of friends The ones that talk behind ya back or the ones who watch your back for you when you not looking I'm gratefull for my woes who got my back Yall know the love is real Dont nothing come to a sleeper but a dream Claudia just be coolin with her Loyalty brand gear She stay 10 toes down GM world!

Everybody want to be RICH but they don't want to put in work. I put my pants on same way like the next man its all on you, your grind, your mindset, your Hustle, do you and stay prayed up. They cant stop GOD's plan ya see mi Good Mawwwnin!

Dont waist time on people who do not appreciate your time whether it personal life or business. Appreciate those who apprciate you ThursdayMotivation putinwork hollaisms jhollaputinwork dopework mindset keepyagrasscut. But he will never put nothing us we cant handle feel me its all test.

Stand in the paint V3 dropping March thidyb google. I been going through so much lateley Im like this gotta be bad luck Keep people in your life that truly loves you, inspires you, motivates you encourages you, enhances you and make you happy. Network and build with positive like minded people Toggle navigation G ymInsta. Social Media Contact:

Mixed Emotions 0: Mixed Emotions Burga. Show all results: This profile is not public. Edit Profile View as Public Logout. Select a track to watch the music video here. Want to watch more videos for this song? Click this button to skip to the next video. Mixed Emotions Burga Leave us feedback. No Videos Found. Burga - Reminiscing - R. Ab-Soul [Hook: You would rather… Annie I'll be on the next train.

See anmol preet song kalol games at dawn. Say my name. Thank you. Help us build the world's largest lyrics collection by contributing lyrics here. Watch artist interviews here. Mixed Emotions. Darian Jae. Music for your Website.

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