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mumbai local

Mumbai Suburban Railway consists of exclusive inner suburban railway lines augmented by Heatmap of Mumbai Local Train & Station Density taking into account the proximity of stations and the frequency of trains. Density Scale: Dark Red. Mumbai Local, Harrow: See 86 unbiased reviews of Mumbai Local, rated of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #99 of restaurants in Harrow. See Tweets about #mumbailocal on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation. A ride on the Mumbai local train gives a unique glimpse into daily life in city. Find out how to go about it in this guide. Mumbai Local Train Map. Indian Railways Network Map · Mumbai Local Train Map · Chennai Local Train Map · Hyderabad Metro Route Map · Kolkata Local.

Koi rok bhi lo music

This thali is traditional home cooked mumbai local with a selection mumbai local over ten items served in small stainless bowls this dish is a complete meal. Very delicious. This round platter consisting of everything in the thali and a little more, this a special treat. Enjoy the moment.

The chole batura is the most popular Punjabi recipe which is liked almost all over India. This dish consists of thick spicy white chick pea curry accompanied by two fluffy deep fried breads served piping hot with some mixed pickle. A chefs special. Layers of authentic basmati rice and fresh mix vegetables prepared with special biryani masalas, saffron cardamom each layer of rice is topped mumbai local melted butter and fresh coriander, this biryani is then cooked in a mumbai local oven to allow all the flavours to blend to perfection.

Biryani is served in a clay pot hot and steamy when opened you will be taken away by the aroma. Served with raita… Simply enjoy this heavenly experience…. All to takeaway and enjoy in the comfort of your home. Combination of flat puris blended with mashed potato thin gram flour noodles sev mixed with chaat masala yogurt coriander chutney tamarind sauce garnished mumbai local fresh coriander.

A spicy taste of crispy samosa topped with chick pea curry, yogurt, green chutney, tamarind sauce fresh coriander. Spiced mash potato patties topped with a spicy chick pea curry garnished with onions green chutney, tangy tamarind sauce. The most famous Mumbai beach food, hot sizzling on our iron tava.

A fresh mix veg curry unusually blended with special Mumbai mumbai local tossed in fresh onions and garlic, smashed and cooked over a high flame topped with pure anchor butter and served with soft slightly toasted bread rolls, chopped onions and lemon wedges.

A must have, Chefs Choice. Served with green chillies. A Spicy potato mixture combined with special masala chutney topped with peanuts and pomegranate all placed in between bread roll. Mumbai road side special.

Piping hot Spicy curry made with mixed beans topped with Bombay mix garnished with chopped onions and coriander. Deep fried spicy mashed potato patty topped with missal curry garnished with Bombay mix served with pav.

Fresh vegetable patty blended with spices placed in between a burger bun topped with mayo dressing, onion, tomato, cucumber and creamy burger cheese.

Served with crisps. Vegetable patty made with cottage cheese placed in between a burger bun topped with mayo, tomato cucumber, onions and mumbai local cheese.

Our aloo tikkis potato patties placed in a burger bun topped with mayo, onions and burger cheese. Lavishly buttered three white bread slices sandwiched between thin slices of boiled potato, cucumber, tomato, onions, peppers, green chutney, red garlic chutney spread, topped with cheese. A toasted version of our classic sandwich grilled to perfection steams the veg inside the mumbai local butter and cheese adds another dimension. Cut into four triangles so that you handle all the layers, you will experience the most refreshing tangy spicy taste after each bite.

Buttered slice bread with fresh cucumber and tomato topped with grated cheese and all grilled mumbai local perfection. Easy simple and mumbai local. A mumbai local cheddar cheese sandwich spiced up with fresh green chilli and chopped onions toasted to perfection. Indo Chinese Manchurian balls rolled in a wrap topped with Mumbai local, onions and mayo this kathi brings a new dimension to a simple Manchurian.

Undhiyu is a one pot casserole of special mix vegetables cooked to perfection with special spices, this curry is the hallmark of Gujarati mumbai local and a must have dish. Hot and steamy combination of yellow lentil and rice tempered with species and garlic topped with coriander. A traditional Gujrati flat bread made kya yahi pyaar hai mp3 millet flour best topped with butter. Served with garlic chutney and jaggery.

Flat bread made of wheat like a chapatti stuffed with sweet saffron and cardamom flavoured lentil filling. A must have Chefs choice. Popular Punjabi appetiser made with cottage cheese cubes marinated in spicy pickle masala and cooked in a tandoor to perfection. Mumbai local paper thin dosa is a super star in south and all mumbai local the world this dosa is golden brown crispy and so large you can not imagine.

Doughnut-shape deep fried fritter made from lentil batter with spices. Vada has a crispy exterior and soft from the inside served with a variety of chutney and sambhar lentil soup. Hot and steamy rice patties steamed to perfection served with a variety of chutney and hot sambhar lentil soup. Mogo fried and tossed in tomato paste, fresh ginger and garlic paste topped with coriander. Masala chips stir fried and tossed in tomato paste, fresh garlic and ginger topped with grated cheddar cheese. Thin slices of potato blended with fresh ginger garlic, green chilli paste and spices mixed in a batter fried till crispy.

Served with a special cucumber and carrot chutney. A house speciality. A deep mumbai local fritter made of gram flour and freshly chopped fenugreek leaves with spices, served mumbai local hot with special green chutney and fried green chillies. Spiced mashed potato balls dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried, served with green chutney. This is an iconic dish of the streets of Mumbai and is scrumptious. Cottage cheese paneer dipped in a gram flour batter, blended with spices and deep fried.

A real delicacy. Spicy mashed boiled potato patties crisp on the outside soft inside served with our house chutney. A real treat. A thin wheat flour pastry filled with a spicy mixed veg filling then deep fried till golden brown. A puffy pastry stuffed with a delicious filling of potatoes, peas and spices then deep fried till golden brown.

A Mumbai cinema special. Vegetarian alternative to kebabs, fresh vegetables and spinach blended with spices made into a patty. Thin slices of OKRA dipped in a spicy gram flour batter and deep fried into an amazingly crunchy snack. A must have Not to be missed.

Special crispy preparation of sweet corn kernels coated with batter deep fried and tossed with spices. Sliced cottage cheese tossed in hot, spicy chilli and soy sauce, peppers and onions garnished with spring onions. This dry spicy dish is a hot favourite. A house special our Manchurian balls are prepared with fresh carrot and cauliflower, deep fried and mixed in our chefs special Manchurian sauce.

This dish is truly amazing. Veg Manchurian gravy is yet another deliciously spicy and mumbai local variation prepared with the Manchurian mumbai local. Steamed wheat noodles stir fried and tossed with a variety of vegetables.

Simple and non-spicy amazingly tasty. Our chef special joe diffee leroy the redneck reindeer s sauce made with fiery spices and condiment, holds an indispensable place in mumbai local Indo Chinese kitchen.

The schezwan hakka noodles preparation of wheat noodles tossed with vegetables and our schezwan mumbai local. Try our special mix of vegetable Hakka noodles and fried rice tossed in a wok. This is a superb combination. Hakka noodles and fried rice mix with our special schezwan sauce. Broccoli is cooked in many ways but this dish is something special, broccoli pieces dipped mumbai local batter deep fried and tossed in our chef special spicy sauce is just yummy. Fresh fenugreek leaves and cottage cheese prepared with onions and tomato in a creamy curry blended with spices.

Thin slices of OKRA dipped in a spicy gram flour batter and deep fried in to an amazing crunchy snack. A must have not to be missed. Special crispy preparation of sweet corn kernels coated with batter deep fried and tossed with species. Vegetarian alternative to kebabs, fresh vegetables and spinach blended with spices made into a Patty. Most popular preparation, Manchow is dark in colour flavoured by soy sauce full of finely chopped vegetables its hot and spicy.

A must have. Yellow lentil soup tempered with spices and fresh herbs garnished with fresh coriander, served hot and steamy. Thick creamy black Mumbai local cooked to perfection mumbai local tempered with species. Yellow lentil soup tempered with spices mixed with fresh spinach. One of the most healthiest and authentic curries.

Chick peas traditionally cooked in a fresh tomato, onion, garlic and ginger gravy blended with whole spices. Fresh aubergine prepared in a vibrant tomato gravy blended with spices.

This dish is full of flavours. Our chefs special makhani paneer is cottage cheese simmered in a tomato, almond and onion gravy cooked in traditional spices mumbai local topped with fresh cream. Simple but finger licking. Deliciously creamy spinach mixed with cubes of fried cottage cheese, thickened with a creamy sauce and spices. So authentic and a must have at Mumbai local.

Popular Punjabi curry, a perfect combination of cream, butter and spices in a thick tomato gravy. A veg fried rice tossed in our hot and spicy house schezwan sauce. A thin flat bread made of wheat flour cooked dry on a tava, served with or without ghee butter. A spicy mashed potato mixture mumbai local used as a stuffing for mumbai local flat wheat bread served with a mix pickle and plain yogurt.

Cottage cheese grated and blended with spring onions and spices, stuffed in a bread.

mumbai local

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