The originals season 2 episode 19

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the originals season 2 episode 19

Dahlia continues to impress us and, consequently, scare even the Mikaelsons this week on The Originals. The Originals. S2 E Show Details. type. TV Show. Genre. Drama, But that face wasn't the only powerful moment of the episode. Next (1 of 2) 'High Maintenance' creators on season 3's 'tonal shifts' and guest stars. It's Klaus versus everyone else in this week's episode of Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals The Vampire Diaries season 6 episode 18 review: I Could Never Love Like That. Dahlia's threat to Hope and Klaus' distrust of Freya is what was promised way back in the pilot when we. Watch The Originals: When the Levee Breaks from Season 2 at

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Watch The Originals Season 2 Episode 19 online! Time is running out for the Mikaelsons! Dahlia has given them a deadline to deliver Hope! Watch The Originals online now to see the ultra creepy way she sends her message to the Mikaelsons. Klaus, Elijah, and The originals season 2 episode 19 disagree over the best way to defeat Dahlia.

Elijah and Rebekah want to bring Planeta moldova porcul music back into the fold but Klaus doesn't trust her believing she showed her hand when she expressed dismay over the destruction of their only weapon against Dahlia. Both Elijah and Rebekah know that without Freya it will be virtually impossible for them the originals season 2 episode 19 defeat their aunt, but Klaus refuses to listen declaring that he has a plan.

He won't tell anyone that plan, of course, because doing so means he would actually have to trust someone. Aiden repairs his conscience by confessing to Jackson that he was working for Klaus. Jackson forgives him and promises him a place in the pack whenever he returns to Louisiana.

Dahlia overhears their conversation and uses Aiden to start a war. Davina, heartbroken, delivers the dagger she and Kol made to Marcel and tells him to use it to put Klaus down. She warns them that they better turn over baby Hope Niklaus, if we cannot trust one another, we cannot work together.

No, we cannot. The Originals Wednesdays 9: Air Date: Hayley and Jackson take Hope and the wolves into the bayou to keep her from Dahlia. Follow The Originals.

April 20, It's not every day you lose your father at the hands of your brother. Rebekah Permalink: It's not every day you lose your father at the hands of your brother. April 20, The Originals Season 2 Episode Discovery American Crime Story: Bon Appetit and Epicurious. Watch Now.

I have decided that the writers of this show are brilliant. Martin, since, lately, we seem to be losing a character an episode!

Spoilers ahead. Rebekah joins them and makes a sarcastic comment about her brother killing her father whatever, no big dealand Elijah eloquently informs Klaus that his dumbass move has now alienated Freya, whom they clearly need to fight Dahlia. Suddenly, Josephine shows up with the originals season 2 episode 19 message from Dahlia.

She demands they say their farewells to Hope and gives them until tomorrow night to give her up. At the safe house, Hayley the originals season 2 episode 19 Jackson try to figure out a plan: What if there is a way to stop Hope from doing magic? Aiden offers to help and visits Klaus at the compound. Ever suspicious, Klaus gives Aiden the originals season 2 episode 19 short but threatening summary on the meaning of loyalty.

Rebekah joins her older sister at the cemetery to offer condolences, somewhat. Freya alone mourns and loved her father, because, as Rebekah pointed out, Mikael was pretty goddamn awful to the rest of them, especially Klaus. Now there is a bigger threat and they all need to work together, but Freya reminds her little sister that Klaus will never trust her, and, since she seems to be over being nice, she states that Elijah and Rebekah must now choose between her and Klaus.

From sisters, we move to brothers, and, as Klaus paints, Elijah unsuccessfully tries to ask him what his plan is. He tells her they can defeat their nightmare of an aunt together or she can choose a life of solitude. She finally seems to concede and asks him to swear that he will not allow their volatile brother to be their undoing.

Bitch, you did not! Hayley gives her wolf eyes and dares her to come in. Camille visits Klaus and offers to go for a walk and talk while also giving him crap about how ridiculously obsessive he is. Since Klaus brings this up, she tries another angle: She tells him Kol gave her that dagger for her protection and to eff off. In another eff off moment, we see Elijah trying to talk some sense into his most stubborn brother for the millionth time.

Freya or him. Klaus is clearly not happy about this and swears he knows what Freya is planning and how to kill Dahlia. As our favorite gay supernatural couple walk the streets of New Orleans, Aiden breaks out the L-word not lesbians, the other L-word. What are you gonna do? After a few seconds of hesitation, Josh agrees and says the L-word back.

One of them is going to die, huh? Then, he confesses and gets punched, but is forgiven. They say their goodbyes and hug, as Dahlia creepily looks at them from afar. A bit later, Aiden picks up flowers for Josh, which, of course, turn into dahlias, and Dahlia herself shows up to beat the crap out of him, leave hybrid type scratches all over his face and rip his heart out and personally victimize us all collectively.

After the longest commercial break ever, Josh and Davina walk and say their goodbyes. Davina angrily watches her inconsolable friend lose it while she clearly knows Klaus did it. Then, in a sorta shocking move, Klaus takes credit for a kill he clearly did not commit. Everyone loses their mind and starts fighting.

Klaus punches Jackson. Hayley punches Klaus. Klaus punches Hayley. Elijah intervenes and defends his brother. Marcel holds her finally! In the background, Hayley tells Elijah to let them leave, but Elijah thinks this is too dangerous because how can he protect them from Klaus or Dahlia if they go to the bayou? She tells him that, if he wants to protect them, he can buy them some time. Therefore, he needs everyone else to fear him. He tells her about a nice afternoon he would have liked to have spent with her and that a better man would have protected her with a lie, but, since he is not that man, she is left to deal with a truth no one will believe.

They talk, but, just as soon as Klaus discovers that Elijah helped Hayley and Hope escape, he becomes enraged and attacks Elijah.

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the originals season 2 episode 19