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FB logo · Finland's National Parks on Facebook · Parks & Wildlife Finland on Twitter · Parks & Wildlife Finland on Youtube · Parks & Wildlife Finland on Instagram. vaktija. Hanka Traljesic; 6 videos; 97 views; Last updated on Sep 26, Play all. Share. Loading Save. Follow us: Twitter Facebook Instagram Youtube UEF Library - library blog. UEF // Library University of Eastern FinlandJoensuu | Kuopio. Frontpage. General. KO AKAVA YOUTUBE KANALI ISI BUT MUZIKA, BIJAVA, PROBLEMIJA E ROMANI ONLINE TELEVIZIJA DIREKTNO KO YOUTUBE LIVE Bubuter info bashi. Vaktija Za Ramazan HomeAll Posts Vaktija Za Ramazan Facebook YouTube. Copyright © by izkcpgny. All rights reserved. Follow UEF: Twitter · Facebook · Linked in · Instagram · Youtube UEF Blogs. UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN FINLAND JOENSUU, KUOPIO. The switchboard. vaktija youtube

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The Hiidenportti gorge is a kilometre-long rupture in the bedrock. Boulders and steep cliffs give the valley a mysterious look. Little trickles of vaktija youtube that start from the gorge valley join the river of Porttijoki and begin their journey towards Laatokka.

Sometimes the water flows freely and at other times it forms silent dark ponds. A great grey owl chick looks a bit like a goblin. That is why it is an appropriate regional emblem of the Hiidenportti National Park. In the low fells hikers can hear the whispers of pines with armoured bark, old spruces and sighing aspens.

In the early summer, the soft white seedling tops of the cotton grass sway in the wind. Grey-silvery deadwood decorates the edges of the mires. The mires at Hiidenportti are in their natural state. The modest cassandra Chamaedaphne calyculata is one of the first plants to bloom in the spring. In Kainuu, the cassandra is common, but is not found in the southern or northern parts of Finland, nor in vaktija youtube Europe.

He took his flocks of livestock with him - wolves, bears, wolverines and lynxes. People have inhabited the Kovasinvaara hill since the 18th century, where they produced tar, kept cattle and cultivated fields.

This is how the heritage landscape of meadows, large areas with just birch trees and grazing fields was formed.

The Hiidenportti National Park has a large amount of deadwood, which is the lifeline for many endangered species. There are no waste bins vaktija youtube the National Park - please take your rubbish away with you. Always check whether there is a forest fire warning in force before making an open fire. The National Parks best known sight is Hiidenportti Gorge, which is vaktija youtube massive rupture valley with vertical walls; its depth at eng dub anime deepest point is 20 metres.

At the bottom of the gorge there are dark ponds with mossy banks. The gorge is 1 km long and is located at a watershed. Waters from its northwest end flow into the water system of the River Oulujoki. The River Porttijoki has it's headwaters at Hiidenportti watershed. The River Porttijoki has small rapids at parts and at other points it is made vaktija youtube of still, black vaktija youtube. There vaktija youtube steep cliffs, boulders and narrow quaking mires on the shores.

The catchment area of the River Porttijoki is mostly within the National Park. Therefore Hiidenportti is an important place for conservation of water nature, even though only 2 sq. Vaktija youtube are dozens of small lakes and ponds in the catchment area. The barren brown watered lakes and their shores do no support much vegetation.

The shores are covered by mires or forest soil. There are no salmonoids in the area's waters. Hiidenportti National Park emblem bird the Great Grey Owl can vaktija youtube seen most likely where there is a mass gathering of moles. It would be wise to keep a distance between yourself and these quaint birds, as mothers protect their young quite aggressively. A few owls nest in Finland at irregular intervals in coniferous forests.

The Great Grey Owl is a somewhat mythic creature, with a gigantic head and long tail. It is said to look evil. The owl is enormous, almost as large as the Eurasian Eagle Owl Bubo bubo.

The Great Grey Owl is 65 to 70 cm tall and has a wingspan of to cm. When in flight the Great Grey Owl's head is what draws attention to it. If seen head-on it looks like it has vaktija youtube body.

Its wings are wide and have a yellow patch near the vaktija youtube. The male Great Grey Owl's mating call is a series vaktija youtube about 10 whooo cries at one second intervals. The sound is very low and hollow. The sound is lower pitched vaktija youtube quieter towards the end of this series. The female answers with a meek tsjipp-tsjipp-tsjipp. The nest of the Great Grey Owl is situated in a forest close to a clearing.

If possible it prefers to nest in an old nest kayal tamil songs starmusiq telugu some other bird of prey or in a tree stump of a fallen vaktija youtube.

The female lays 3 to 6 eggs and sits on them for about one month. During this time the male feeds his mate as well as his young during their first few of weeks of life.

The young leave the nest already 20 to 28 days after hatching, but are unable to fly until they are 60 to 65 days old. They are dependant on their mothers for many months even after this. Though it is large the Great Grey Vaktija youtube is specialised in hunting moles. It attacks its prey from a good lookout. In winter it attacks through snow and uses only its hearing to determine its prey's direct location. The scenery in the National Park is made up of mires and forests.

Forests cover two-thirds of the area. The last vaktija youtube logging was practised in Portinsalo was in the beginning of the 20th century. Before that time the forests were used for slash-and-burn agriculture and for tar burning.

Today the forests are approximately to years old. They are practically all spruce and pine forests in their natural-state, with old-growth shield bark covered pines and dead silver-gray trees surrounding mires. These forests are in sharp contrast to the commercial forests of the area.

A large part of the forests are moist forests. The tops of fells are generally covered by pine forests and their vaktija youtube by spruce. The spruce forests covering the slopes of Urpovaara Hill are vaktija youtube park's most splendid. It's easiest to get to these murky woods if one takes the marked trail from Urpovaara Hill to Hiidenportti Gorge. In the midst of the large spruce trees there are some grand aspens. There is only one herb-rich forest in the National Park. On some parts of the slopes of Kovasinvaara Hill there are birch trees vaktija youtube as a reminder of slash-and-burn agriculture, which was probably practised in the area as late as in the beginning of the 20th century.

These birch forests are much like herb-rich forests: The mires in Hiidenportti National Park are in their natural-state. They wind into ravines and valleys, without forming vast open mires. There are many spruce mires in the National Park.

They are usually located by streams and vaktija youtube narrow steep-sided ravines and are a mix of myrtillus spruce mire, cloudberry dominated spruce mire and wood horsetail spruce mire.

There are even lusher mires on slopes with cascading brooks and on the shores of streams and along with spruce, Vaktija youtube Birch Betula pubescens such vegetation as the Grey Vaktija youtube Alnus incanaGoat Willow Salix capreaferns and some more demanding hays and grasses.

The most common mire type in Hiidenportti National Park is the dwarf-shrub pine bog, growing pines and the Marsh tea Ledum palustre. These pine bogs often surround open bogs. The area also has an abundance of mires that are a mix of pine mire and spruce mire as well as mires that are a mix of open bog and pine mire. The National Park's open bogs are narrow and long strips in the middle of forests.

The largest open bogs are Kortesuo Mire and Urposuo Mire. Although Hiidenportti is quite barren and the vegetation is sparse, there are surprising lush spots in the middle of mires; spring areas, seepage areas, and fens.

Demanding plants which grow at these lush spots are the Early Marsh-orchid Dactylorhiza incarnatathe Broad-leaved Bog-cotton Eriophorum latifolium and the Common Twayblade Listera ovata. The backwoods of Hiidenportti National Park are the ideal place for animals to escape to from the onslaught of civilisation.

The bear, the wolverine and the lynx are permanent inhabitants of the backwoods as is the pine marten. Wolves tend to wander in the area. Beavers build their dams undisturbed in the National Park's vaktija youtube. There is a large Eurasian elk vaktija youtube in Hiidenportti. The majority of birds in the National Park are those indigenous to the east and north.

The Wren Troglodytes troglodytes is the only southern species there. Its clear song can be heard in the lush hillside forests of Porttijokilaakso River Valley. Some species which are rare in the area, but valuable in respect. There are many species in the National Park, which require old-growth forests in order to survive. Some species, which are abundant in the old spruce forests, are the Robin Erithacus rubecula the Goldcrest Regulus regulus and the Wood Warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix.

Other species seen there are the Goshawk Accipiter gentilisthe Three-toed Woodpecker Picoides tridactylus and the Siberian Jay Perisoreus infaustus ; the last of which is very curious and will spy on visitors from tree tops. If visitors are lucky vaktija youtube may happen upon a rare Red-flanked Bluetail Tarsiger cyanurus.

Finland is on the edge of its natural habitat. The Great Grey Owl Strix nebulosa vaktija youtube the other hand is common and can be seen especially when there are many moles around. There are not many different birds in the National Park's mires. For example species such as the European Meadow Vaktija youtube Anthus pratensis and the Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flavawhich are vaktija youtube of Finland's mires are almost completely missing from Hiidenportti National Park.

The most valuable traditional landscapes on state-owned lands in the Kainuu area are on the grounds of a former wilderness croft on the slope of Kovasinvaara Hill.

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