Ford sync update was not successful things

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ford sync update was not successful things

Before you start, there are a few things you should do before starting the installation Once the updates are installed, be sure to report the successful While the update is loading, SYNC will not recognize your mobile phone. Learn how to install SYNC software updates in your vehicle. SYNC® (basic system and SYNC with MyFord®), SYNC® with MyFord Touch®, I'm not sure. Go There are a few things you should do before starting step 1: To complete the process, take the USB drive to your computer to report the successful installation. If you own a vehicle with an older version of Ford Sync, you may still be able to The update will be a success when “Successfully Connected”. Learn how to install SYNC software updates in your vehicle. There are a few things you should do before starting step 1: To complete the process, take the USB drive to your computer to report the successful installation. S8 Dealer Accessories are defined as items that do not appear on the factory window sticker that. After you've installed the latest SYNC® software updates in your vehicle, be sure to report the There are a few things you should do before starting step 1. This update will not work for MyFord Touch. Details and It would be a good idea to pull your vehicle out of the garage to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

New SYNC Software Update is Available

Want to learn more about Ford Motor Company? Visit the Ford Motor Company Wiki! If you wanna read or write about Ford products, meet cool people, and engage in meaningful speculation on future Ford products, check out: If you have any questions about the sales of cars the ford sync update was not successful things, what to know, how to talk with salespeople, etc.

For any technical questions, the ETIS program is a fantastic learning tool http: This is not a place for sales ads, or dealership spam.

These will be removed, repeat violators will be banned. New Sync software update available! It looks like it applies to all non-MyFordTouch Sync systems and requires a usb drive to install. I have a Ford Focus and I'm going outside to try and update my car within the hour.

I'll update the post to let you know how I made out, or if my car bursts into flames. EDIT 1: I can ford sync update was not successful things receive and send text messages with my Galaxy S5, and the Pandora integration is working now too.

I also hooked my 4th gen Ipod Touch to the USB and it looks like they streamlined the artist and song info on the screen.

I could be wrong but the playback quality also sounded better. Create an account on the Ford Owner website. Have your VIN ready and windows 8 professional 32bit iso vn-zoom the site the number to the mobile phone you use.

Pair that same phone via bluetooth to the car and send a vehicle health report. To do this all you need to do is hit the voice command, say "phone" then after the confirmation beep say "vehicle health report. Ford needs to have this update to know which version of Sync you have, and I'm not sure how long it takes for them to get the information since I coincidentally sent a health report yesterday because my insurance uses the info to give me a discount its State Farm's Drive Safe and Clear Program.

After these steps you should be able to follow the instructions and install the update. It took my car about 15 minutes to install the update. Please note that the car needs to be running in order to install the software. EDIT 2: Here's a Youtube link that should be useful for anyone trying to get started with the update. I include this because my friend who happens to sell Fords, didn't even know how to do the update himself.

Finally figured out how to install the update with my, voice controlled, non touch system. The instructions were wrong. I had to go through the menus and find application install. The update will then be located on the usb drive so that it can be installed. I edited my post with instructions on how to get the update if you don't have an Ford Owner account. Just try those things out first and if it doesn't work PM me with your questions.

I would check again, maybe sending a vehicle health report to Ford if you're still not seeing an option to upgrade. Keep in mind that if you have ford sync update was not successful things touchscreen system in your car than this update does not apply to you. There was an update for my f that needed the dealer to install. Would I be able to bypass that one and go straight to this one?

If it was Sync related, then you shouldn't need to go to the dealer for this upgrade. Just follow the instructions in my edit. Ford sync update was not successful things you have any other questions let me know! I'll try to help you out. F is available for your vehicle from your Ford dealer. It's not available as a download for self-installation at this time. You should be fine, that was the version of Sync in my Focus before I installed the update, and to my knowledge there was no update between those two versions.

I think I misread your question - sounds like you have a version previous to 4. F I would follow the instructions I wrote above and see what the Ford Owner says. I really couldnt see a reason why there would be an issue though. I'd check just to be on the safe side. I meant the Ford Owner website. Create an account and use the vehicle health report function with your phone in your truck so you can definitely know what version you have.

That should make the upgrade procedure much easier. Just follow the instructions in my post and you should be fine. So there's the update that gives Applink to millions of vehicles that didn't have it previously that Ford promised in Jan I see it adds AppLink for non-nav vehicles. Does that mean that my nav-equipped still can't Pandora properly?

As long as my iPod will finally remember I was 'shuffle all' and not 'shuffle whatever the last artist was', and possibly support voice commands for phone, I'm happy.

Bluetooth metadata alone will be nice. Hey, it now supports text messages on my phone! Now if only they'd implement other changes, like always having the passenger temperature displayed with a little 'link' icon between the two when not in dual mode so there isn't a huge empty space.

I have no idea. Holy crap, thanks. I moderate a Fusion forum and we just had a member of the in-vehicle technology team sign up today.

We asked if we were ever going to get that update and Less hype since the second gen is now approaching it's fourth model year and the has barely any changes over the not sure if you've seen the build sheet. Most of the 2nd gen cars are still in bumper-to-bumper warranty. I've only owned Milans, so I know almost nothing about the second generations. I love my current one and it was dumb luck I found it. It's formatted fat It says "no media found". Keep in mind you should not have any other files on the flash drive and ford sync update was not successful things should be at least 2gb in size.

I think if nothing else works for you, you may want to try doing a master reset or simply pull the fuse for Sync and let it do a hard reset, then try it again. I am about to install the 4. Anyone know if this version allows automatic Bluetooth ford sync update was not successful things I usually have ford sync update was not successful things wait for Bluetooth to connect, then press the talk button on the steering wheel, and say "Bluetooth Audio".

One thing I miss about my Sonata was the ability to get in the car with bluetooth on, and the radio would automatically change the source to Bluetooth. It should now revert to whatever you were doing before you turned the car off. If that is the case, this Sync update does not apply to you. Its geared toward the models with the base Sync system. It looks like you either have the more basic system or the pre-MyFordTouch navigation system. If that is the case than this update is for you.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one mary j blige sunshine mp3 thousands of communities. PM me if you have any questions. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. I wouldn't think so but thought I would ask. This is not that update. I would need to run a sync vin with out mft to get the notes on that.

Glad to see meta data when using Bluetooth audio now.

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