High school of the dead opening

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high school of the dead opening

Highschool of the Dead, known in Japan as Apocalyptic Academy: Highschool of the Dead is a . The series' opening theme is "Highschool of the Dead" by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets. The series' closing theme songs differ in. HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD Lyrics: Yureta genjitsukan nakushita mama de / Gareki no you ni tsumi kasanaru kono kanshou wa doko e yuku. HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD, Opening theme, HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words. Looking for information on the anime Highschool of the Dead (High School of the you watch opening credits(something people should have noticed when they. With Jun'ichi Suwabe, Marina Inoue, Eri Kitamura, Miyuki Sawashiro. High school students are overwhelmed with the start of the zombie apocalypse. Is The Opening Of The Best New Anime Watch And Rate. It's my favorite anime Of the summer {High School Of The Dead Op 1} thnx for the.

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Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: Tetsuro Araki Series Composition: Yousuke Kuroda Screenplay: Tatsuya Takahashi eps 4, 9 Yousuke Kuroda 10 episodes eps, Storyboard: Takafumi Wada Original creator: Ayu Kawamoto Chief Animation Director: Shuhei Yabuta Sound Director: Kazuya Tanaka Aquatone Director of Photography: Kazuhiro Yamada Executive producer: Hiroyuki Oomori Producer: Mitsutoshi Ogura 2nd Key Animation: Kentaro Hashimoto Art Setting: Yuuho Taniuchi Assistant Animation Director: Hiromi Suzuki Background Art: Ken Hashimoto Color setting: Ryou Kimura Editing: Aya Hida In-Between Animation: Jun Nishimura Photography: Akira Noguchi Special Effects: Chie Tanimoto Theme Song Performance: Madhouse Animation Production Cooperation: Kusanagi Background Art: Ishigaki Production ep 10 BG Scan: Kusanagi Broadcaster: Asahi Production ep 9 Dr.

Anime Spot ep 8 Asahi Production eps 5, 9 Dr. Hulu Niconico Key Animation: Jumondo ep 11 Music Production: Geneon Universal Entertainment Online Editing: Geneon Universal Entertainment Photography: Asahi Production Production: Three S Studio Sound Production: Dax Production Soundtrack Music Production: Steven Foster Translation: Kaoru Bertrand Steven Foster Executive producer: Stanley Thomas BD Authoring: Neal Barnes Encoding: Michael Olesch Media Coordinator: Janice Williams High school of the dead opening Design: Larry Koteff Production Assistant: Janice Williams Technical Assistant: Sentai Filmworks Production: Bruno Buidin Mixing: Christophe Bernard Subtitling: J-One From 19 October Distributor: Dybex Dubbing: Daniel Fernandez Spain dub Mix Engineer: Silvana Fantini Translation: Daniele Ceva Coordination: Orlando Leone Dialogues: Manuela Lomeo Mixing: Man-Ga Distributor: Yamato Video Dubbing Studio: High school of the dead opening group Internet Streaming: Animax Germany Distributor: Nipponart Portuguese staff Portuguese companies none Distributor: Sato Company Internet Streaming: Proware Multimedia International Co.

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Golden Wind high school of the dead opening Kaguya-sama: Login or Register forgot it? High School of the Dead TV. Have you seen this? Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead OAV side story. Alternative title: Gakuen Mokushiroku - Highschool of the Dead Japanese. EcchifanserviceGoreharem. Objectionable content: Copyright notice: Plot Summary: Takashi Komuro is a normal high school boy, until an infection breaks out that turns people into zombie-like creatures. User Ratings: Running time: Number of episodes: Episode titles: We have Release dates: We have 4.

Opening Theme: Ending Theme: Official website: We have 1. Highschool of the Dead episodes Aug 13, London Anime Con this Weekend Jul 16, January Anime Sales Figures party mix 2013 mp3 U.

Mar 7, Highschool of the Dead Manga to Resume Feb 6, Survival Action Anime Sep 29, Madhouse's Btooom! Survival Action Manga Updated Jun 6,

The 20 min extra episode "Drifters of the Dead" in Blu-ray Sep 8, 5: Sentai Filmworks Acquires Highschool of the Dead. According to the press release, Sentai Filmworks has acquired Highschool of the Dead. The English dubbed and subbed versions will be released in North America. Jul 3, Are You Watching Anime Illegally?

Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? Add to My List. Add to Favorites. Gakuen Mokushiroku: Summer Sentai Filmworks. ActionHorrorSupernaturalEcchiShounen. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded. Highschool of the Dead. Ranked Popularity 36 MembersSummer TV Madhouse.

More nexgtv software for blackberry. More characters. More staff. Edit Ending Theme More theme songs. May 17, Overall Rating: Nov 27, Aug 9, Oct 25, More recommendations.

View All. More discussions. More featured articles. A producer of a popular anime series expresses his views on the matter. We're here to help you avoid those with a list of the very best. More Top Anime 1 High school of the dead opening Alchemist: Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Add Detailed Info. The dead began to rise and Japan was thrown into total chaos. As these monsters begin terrorizing a high school, Takashi Kimuro is forced to kill high school of the dead opening best friend when he gets bitten and joins the ranks of the walking dead.

Vowing to protect Rei Miyamoto, the girlfriend jingle toons telugu the man he just executed, they narrowly escape their death trap of a school, only to be greeted with a society that has already fallen.

Soon, Takashi and Rei band together with other students on a journey to find their family members and uncover what caused this overwhelming pandemic. Joining them is Saeko Busujima, the beautiful president of the Kendo Club; Kouta Hirano, an otaku with a fetish for firearms; Saya Takagi, the daughter of an influential politician; and Shizuka Marikawa, their hot school nurse. But will the combined strength of these individuals be enough to conquer this undead apocalypse?

Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead. Busujima, Saeko Main. Sawashiro, Miyuki Japanese. Komuro, Takashi Main. Suwabe, Junichi Japanese. Hirano, Kouta Main. Hiyama, Nobuyuki Japanese. Miyamoto, Rei Main. Inoue, Marina Japanese.

Takagi, Saya Main. Kitamura, Eri Japanese. Marikawa, Shizuka Main. Fukui, Yukari Japanese. Maresato, Alice Main. Taketatsu, Ayana Japanese. Minami, Rika Supporting. Takeuchi, Junko Japanese.

Igou, Hisashi Supporting. Miyano, Mamoru Japanese. Shidou, Koichi Supporting. Taniyama, Kishou Japanese. Tanaka, Kazuya Sound Director. Hanyuu, Naoyasu Episode Director. Mitsuyuki, Masuhara Episode Director. Nerrawx All reviews people high school of the dead opening this review helpful.

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high school of the dead opening