It mek desmond dekker google

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it mek desmond dekker google

Desmond Dekker was a Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae singer-songwriter and musician. Together with his backing group the Aces, he had one of the. It Miek (sometimes appearing as "It Mek" or "A It Mek") was a hit song by the Jamaican musicians Desmond Dekker & the Aces. After being re-released in. Desmond Dekker uDiscover artist page featuring curated audio playlist streams, videos, photos, But the year was defined by “It Mek,” wherein another girl gets her comeuppance. . iTunes link Google Play link Amazon link uDiscover store.

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Born It mek desmond dekker google Dacres in Kingston, Jamaica, on July 16,the star-to-be was orphaned in his teens. Left to earn a living on his own, he apprenticed as a welder. It was his workmates who first noted his vocal talents, as the youngster sang around the workshop. With their encouragement, in the young man decided to have a go at recording and auditioned for both Coxsone Dodd at Studio One and Duke Reid at Treasure Isle.

Neither man found anything remarkable about this young hopeful and sent him on his way. However, it was to be two long years before Kong finally took him into the studio, waiting patiently for him to compose a song worthy of recording. Before the year was out, Dekker had found his own backing group, the Aces, a quartet of singing siblings — Carl, Clive, Barry, and Patrick Howard — initially known as the Four Aces.

That would all change in Set to a sturdy rocksteady beat, the song quickly became a rudeboy anthem and established Dekker as a virtual rudeboy icon. The single looted and shot its way into the U. Top 15, and Dekker immediately set off on his first visit to England. The response there astonished him, and he was trailed everywhere by mods almost acting it mek desmond dekker google informal bodyguards.

Shanty Town. For half a year, the song simmered on the U. Meanwhile in the U. Dekker had achieved the dream of every Jamaican artist, to break into the U. He was the first to do so, at least with a pure Jamaican song. Although Dekker would never put another single so high into the U.

Dekker composed the song about his rambunctious younger sister. Initially released to muted response, the original was a charmer but lacked punch; the re-recorded version was it mek desmond dekker google stronger and smashed into the Jamaican chart, then soared into the Top Ten across the water. In the U. Neither the band nor singers have ever received the credit they were due. He was rewarded with a timeless masterpiece that was a jogos passatempo para pc on both sides of the Atlantic.

The song titled yet another hit-laden collection, released by Trojan in as well. In Augustthe great producer, still only in his thirties, died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

Barring a few very early recordings, Cliff had as well and was equally distraught and directionless in the aftermath. Initially at a total loss of how to now proceed, eventually Dekker found his way, and over the next few years, he released a steady stream of fine singles. However, he seemed to have lost his grip on Britain and none of his releases charted there. In hopes of remedying this situation, in Dekker joined forces with the pop production team Bruce Anthony aka Tony Cousins and Bruce It mek desmond dekker google.

A sugary offering with lush production, it was far removed from the work Dekker had done with Kong. Regardless, Dekker was in big demand on-stage, where he continued to be accompanied by the Rumour. Inthe singer was forced to declare bankruptcy, although this was less a reflection on him than on his past management. The following year, Dekker released King of Ska, again featuring re-recordings of past glories. Two years later, he entered the studio with an equally revitalized Specials for the King of Kings album.

Other labels have jumped in on the action, and the shelves have quickly filled with compilations of the singer from varying stages of his career. On May 25,Dekker passed away at age 64 in his London home. Features Latest News. Share Tweet. The former apprentice welder was the first to have hit records outside of Jamaica and his influence on young white British teenagers was pivotal to his it mek desmond dekker google in the s.

He followed it with another classic — The It mek desmond dekker google — which topped the charts in a number of countries, including the U. The follow-up, It Miek, did well in Britain but not in America. The man who helped to define Ska, Rocksteady, and Reggae passed away in Mayat his home in London. Israelites The Best of Desmond Dekker. The Early Beverley's Sessions

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It mek desmond dekker google However, it it mek desmond dekker google to be two long years before Kong finally took him into the studio, waiting patiently for him to compose a song worthy of recording. Espantaperros Cyklonmannen nizbah fclua RationalBob Last updated: In Augustthe great producer, still only in his thirties, died unexpectedly of a heart attack. He was rewarded with a timeless masterpiece that was a smash on both sides of the Atlantic. Last updated:
it mek desmond dekker google